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Jan 12, 2010 07:23 AM

RW Plan & Attack

So far I have booked Convivio and Lure Fishbar, are there any steakhouse/seafood recs out there? I'm pondering on Delmonico's... Seems like many CH favorites from the past are either not participating this year or are only doing weekday lunch which I cannot do.

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  1. im so jealous you got convivo, i was trying to make a reservation there for sunday nite during RW but they were booked. I also made a reservation at the Post House which is supposed to be a good steakhouse with more on the menu than just steak ..

    i sympathize with not being able to do lunch--wish i could go to bar/cafe boulud !

    anywhere else youre considering ?

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    1. re: lemonyc

      I added Le Cirque and One by the Sea, Two by the Land to my list. Also considering adding Fig & Olive for later. Actually, my time slot at Convivio sucked, guess I just have to dine really early for once.

      1. re: gac101

        Pretty sure Fig & Olive always has a pre fixe deal, may want to save that for another time and go elsewhere for rw. Le Cirque is great, One If By Land, food is OK, but it's cool for atmosphere. Legend has it it's haunted.