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Jan 12, 2010 06:59 AM

Sad news for Edmonton culinary community

Sad news for culinary community
The owners of Le Gnome in West Edmonton Mall ( Entrance 44) will close their doors January 31, stating that "We were unable to come to any reasonable terms with our landlord."
Le Gnome is an exceptionally well-curated kitchen shop, considered one of the best in Canada.
A damn shame.

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  1. Crap. I love that store (prefered it to Call the Kettle Black). My kitchen is full of gadgets from there. At least it means I will never set foot in WEM again.

    Not to pick the bones of the dead, but I wonder if there will be a good closing out sale...

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    1. re: Dan G

      I love that store! Even if I wasnt in the market for a new gadget I could walk around it for hours dreaming of what I would splurge on another day :(

      Any chance of a relocation outside of the mall?

      Dan G - Sad to say but that was one of my first thoughts as well...

      1. re: Bellavino

        My friend who was at WEM said there is a closing sale going on. I'll probably check it out myself this weekend.

        1. re: chefgeek

          Ahh, maybe I'll force myself to go there then (a final trip to WEM hopefully). Not sure if I need anything badly, but you never know what might follow me home.

    2. I liked the store as well, but not the prices...most items could be found elsewhere for less.

      1. Sale is 30% off everything. Stuff was going very quickly last night and the check out line was very long. If you were planning on going to pick up stuff I suggest you hurry.

        It's depressing to see the emptying shelves though.

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        1. re: anonymoose

          I just returned from there, and things are getting pretty picked over. I managed to get one blue Le Creuset pot to match others I have and the last 2 Riedel glasses that weren't champagne flutes (luckily I didn't have chardonnay ones yet and they still had 2!).

          Still a lot of high-end stuff left like Denby, Emile Henry, etc... even at 30% off it is quite pricey.

          Line for checkout was about 20 minutes, and it was odd to see people with one very common $10 item (there was a guy with a colander)...I wouldn't stand in that line to save $3.

          I'm going to miss that store.