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Jan 12, 2010 05:52 AM

Kosher Caterer in Philadelphia

My guests told me and my family over and over that this was the best food they've ever eaten at a wedding.

When we first started looking for a kosher caterer, it appeared that our options were limited. We wanted someone a little more upscale, a little more gourmet, then Betty the Caterer and I'm sure I never would have found out about Barclay if a neighbor hadn't casually mentioned them in conversation, which is why I feel compelled to write a review here. Steve's dedication not only to our food, but to helping our entire wedding day run smoothly was unparalleled. Although he is not a glatt kosher caterer, he provided glatt meals to those who requested them in an elegant way -- no shrink-wrapped reminders of airline food at this wedding! If friends called him with kashrut concerns he answered them graciously and explicitly so they knew exactly what their practices are. We served lamb and salmon and both were delicious. I didn't get a taste of dessert, but my friends all said it was superb. Barclay's also provided the wedding cake, which (before I smashed it into my groom's face) was absolutely delicious -- a miracle if you've ever had a parve wedding cake.

Steve was very flexible and helped us pick the best catering options for our affair. He was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Quality comes at a price (about $130 a head) but for your guests to praise your wedding meal as the best they've ever consumed, I think it was worth it.

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  1. I've also used Barclay for 2 mitzvahs and they are great--one thing is that Steve Hellinger will not overcharge you at the last minute --his price is exactly what he quotes you. Our food was delish too. My daughter has horseradish crusted fish and hot lava chocolate cake --son had lox and bagels/dairy lunch with blintzes/french toast/fresh fruit and belinnis. Finding a kosher caterer is hard enough -when the food and service is good too, I'm happy to recommend them!

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      My husband and I used Barclay at our wedding in Aug '03. It was a late morning ceremony and they provided light bites and coffee for guests who arrived early. I never made it to the cocktail hour b/c I was busy greeting guests (including the one who spilled a drink on my dress!), but everyone was extremely impressed and having a wonderful time. I'm a pastry chef (NO - I did NOT make my own wedding cake!) so I insisted on a real buttercream wedding cake, not some waxy parve stick-to-your-tongue cake, and therefore had to have a dairy menu for the luncheon. Barclay was phenomenal! They did a tasting for us and we selected entree choices of salmon or tri-color cheese tortellini. They didn't say they were going to do this, but after everyone was served, they went around and offered seconds of both dishes to every guest. I've been to zillions of affairs (both Kosher and non-) but I've NEVER seen THAT before! Being the bride (and isn't it "all about the bride?!?" LOL), unfortunately I was too busy having fun to sit down and eat much, but almost 7 years later, people are still talking about it, and my 3 nieces say they want weddings just like mine! At my request, Barclay even scheduled a server who was a colleague of mine that moonlighted for him so it felt like I had an old friend in the kitchen. I would recommend them to anyone!