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Jan 12, 2010 05:44 AM

Food Deal - Smoke's Poutinerie - $25 for $15 Gift Certifcate today only (Jan 12, 2010) (Teambuy)

I always keep an eye out on the Teambuy e-mails for food related deals and they have had some interesting ones in the past.

I know there are mixed reviews on here about Smoke's Poutinerie (and possibly more negative than positive) but I think one of the common complaints was price. So, today only on Teambuy you can get a physical Giftcard at a discounted price. $25 giftcard for $15.

I ordered the Zteca ones when they were featured on Teambuy and I received without hassle. I decided just to get one of these cards though because how much poutine do I really need :)

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  1. this just goes to show how much truth there is in the negative reviews.. they must be starting to loose buisiness to offer such a deal..i have tried thier poutine and at even that price i wouldnt go back..