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Jan 12, 2010 05:13 AM

Best Online Sources for Veggie Seeds?

The cold weather has me yearning for spring and the planting of my garden. Last year was the first year I actually planted an entire garden and I loved it..Not the planting, back breaking work but the reaping...anyway, I'd love to start planning for the garden now and would like to get an idea of the best online sources for vegetable seeds, preferably not outrageously expensive.

I also thought that I'd make the garden interesting and grow some veggies unfamiliar to me or I should say something not seen in every garden like maybe asian vegetables or some Italian veggie. Last year, I grew tomatillos and I had a bumper crop which I loved. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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  1. Just to get you started here are 2 seed companies I heartily recommend:


    Of course, it's best to know which horticultural zone you live in, since that's the starting point to discovering which plants will do well in your area. Here in middle eastern almost coastal Massachusetts, for instance, I'm in zone 6A. Since you're in North Carolina I would expect your zone to somewhat higher in number.

    Here's a terrific site that gives you regular regional reports and tells you what seeds to start when, when to plant out doors, etc.

    Happy Gardening!

    1. And here's another - my favorite source for seeds:


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        I second Johnny Seeds, very good for the northeast.

      2. I forgot to put that my zone is 7B-8A..thanks for the replies thus far!

        1. not to thread-jack, but if anyone can offer comments/thoughts on organic and/or heirloom seed shops/options as well that would be superb.

          this will be my first year attempting gardening so i can't offer thoughts...

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                I can vouch for salt spring seed & www.uharvest.ca (aka Urban Harvest) - organic & heirlooms available.... great success with germination

                Also can vouch for Richter's. (Not sure if they are organic or heirlooms... they do have a staggering variety, though.)