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Jan 11, 2010 08:41 PM

Only 1 Day in Paso Robles: What Wineries to Hit?

Hi Everyone,

I'll be in Paso Robles for a full day and evening. I am wondering what wineries to stop at? There have been some other posts on this topic as well, but the "must-sees" were so overwhelming that I was still left wondering what were really the top 5--since we only have 1 day we can't see 15 vineyards.

So far here's what I'm thinking:

-Tablas Creek
-Four Vines
-Linne Calodo

Are these totally off-base or good choices?

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  1. Tablas Creek. For sure. All of the wines are amazing, world class.

    1. I have heard that Justin is a great vineyard and I have tasted the wines which are wonderful.

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        I suggest two directions -- West on Hwy 46 to hit Turley and Zin Alley across the street. That will give you a great sense of the Paso Zins. Get appointments for both.

        Then head to Tablas Creek (my vote for best winery in the region, period!), Justin...and Adelaide is back there too.

        Random bonus -- If you end up in Paso town, take a look at Bodegas Robles. Small production, and the 2002 tempranillo was the best I've ever had in this varietal made in the USA.

      2. Dover Canyon. Ask for Mary Baker. Tell her I said hello.

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        1. re: Brad Ballinger

          Mary Baker was laid off last year from Dover Canyon and now works promoting wineries.

          1. re: SteveTimko

            Thanks for that update, Steve. I'll have to get in touch.

            1. re: Brad Ballinger

              Hi Brad and Steve! Long time ... ;) Minor correction, if I may. I was an investor and managing partner in the winery LLC, so I was not 'laid off'. It was a mutual parting of the ways, and my equity was purchased by the winery. I do indeed have my own consulting business now, and Brad I hope you'll look me up online ... are you on Facebook? Steve, I hope to see you again next time you come through Paso. Anyone visiting Dover Canyon should be sure to ask for winemaker Dan Panico, aka "Dover Dan". Cheers!

        2. You're lucky as Paso is a great place and has a ton of high-quality wineries to choose among. I think a lot depends on what you want to accomplish. Are you looking for great architecture and views (Justin or Calcareous), good dependable wine, to locate wines you typically won't be able to buy at home, or something else?
          While most wineries have something low production for tasting room or wine club only; and I think highly of Four Vines, Justin, and Tablas opinion is that you can likely buy most of the stuff you're going to taste there from the wine store closest to your house.
          I perfer to focus on low production places that may not distribute widely (Hunt), or known places that may have a large portion of their portfolio not generally available outside the tasting room or mailing list (Turley).
          I'd also carefully study your winery map considering that you have limited time. I think you'll be investing a fairly serious chunk of your time in going out to Justin, if you choose to do so.
          Whatever you decide, enjoy!

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            Chadrich, I'm definitely looking more for low production, great wines that may not distribute widely rather than a winery/tasting room that's flash or impressive. It sounds like Hunt or Turley would be more up my alley...thank you for your suggestions!

          2. L'Aventure...The Estate Cuvee is stunning!