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Jan 11, 2010 08:23 PM

Any good chinese take-out in Sherman Oaks.

I just moved to the area from Culver City and need recommendations. Thanks

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  1. The only really decent Chinese restaurants in either Sherman Oaks or Studio City are Bamboo in Sherman Oaks, next door to Cafe Bizou, meaning sort of across the street from the Ralphs at Hazeltine & Ventura, and Kung Pao Bistro in Studio City at 11838 Ventura Blvd., just east of Carpenter. The K/Pao in Sherman Oaks under different ownership is not nearly as good.
    Both are also nice for eat in, btw.

    1. i am a big fan of Super Wok on the corner of Reseda and Ventura. not Sherman Oaks, but not far, either.

      their Wor Won Ton soup is clean and fresh and tasty. it's my "go to" soup when i am sick.

      all the other dishes i have tried have been top notch. i am especially fond of their shrimp dishes.

      1. In Sherman Oaks, in the same strip mall as Jinky's, is a little place called Mandarin Best. Don't get me wrong, it's not Monterey Park. In fact it's not even Chinatown, but the food is well prepared and they deliver.

        1. Bamboo Forest on Burbank near Kester is our favorite.

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            Bamboo Forest is by far the best Chinese food in the area. Their hot and sour soup is my go to delviery soup, and their meat and chicken dishes are quite good. My favs are the volcano chicken/shrimp, orange beef, kung pao chicken, mongolian beef, and the eggplant in garlic sauce. Details and a menu are here:

            I also recommend Sam Woo at Victory/Sepulveda for takeout duck and bbq pork. I'm not a big fan of their other dishes.

            I cannot stomach either Kung Pao Bistro (which is two blocks from my house) or Bamboo on Ventura (the last time I went there, three of the four people in my group declared it horrible).

            1. re: Jwsel

              Bamboo Forest's shrimp sizzling rice soup is also a winner. The large order feeds our family of 4 with two small bowls each, which almost renders us too full to eat anything else we've ordered.

              I also like their Orange Chicken (the BEST anywhere) as well as Orange Shrimp, plus their Chicken in Hot Schezuan (sp?) Garlic Sauce, Chicken with Broccoli, and any of their flavors of Mu-Shu.