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Jan 11, 2010 07:09 PM

where to eat at chateau lake louise?

staying at lake louise this weekend - which restaurant in the hotel should we eat at?
would it be worth going to sunday brunch in banff on the way home?

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  1. You MUST stop in Banff for brunch at Bison Mountain Bistro, don't even let yourself think about it just do it.

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    1. re: Major_9000

      good plan - we usually have lunch there but never brunch, it always looks good.

      could one walk to the post hotel - i haven't been up there for a while, can't remember how far it is....i like the idea of the cellar tour!!

      1. re: pants

        since the chateau is about 5km past the town center, the chateau is quite a ways from the post hotel which is in lake louise proper. you could walk, but it would be a long, arduous one. especially coming back!

        1. re: marcopolo

          unless your up for a bit of a hike, I'd say no to the walk as well...its about 4-5 km away.

    2. I found all of the restos at the chateau good, but not great, and really expensive for what you got. Assuming you can look past the price issue, the food is competent. Walliser stube was good, but a bit stuffy. A nice room, but the average diner age when we were there was 65+. And you come out smelling a bit oily because of all the fondue, but it's not nearly as bad as the grizzly house in banff for that. Poppy's is good for breakfast and the brunch buffet seems to be a pretty good deal compared to a la carte breakfast. Glacier saloon's food isn't too bad either, but inside, it feels like a 2nd rate calgary bar. We didn't eat at the fairview dining room, so can't comment on that (if you're keen, make reservations early...). The 'deli' is very, very pricey for what you get. good sandwiches, but really not a significant improvement from what you can get at the bakery in town for a fraction of the price.I'd recommend the lake agnes teahouse, but it's no doubt closed for the season (it would be a pretty miserable hike right now).

      If you don't mind leaving the hotel, both dining options at the Post Hotel are better bets. Also, considering the hotel restaurant prices, it's really not a huge extra cost for room service, so that might be a fun option too.

      I haven't had brunch at the Bison Mountain Bistro, but I do quite like the buffet brunch at the Banff Park Lodge as a smaller, value option to the Banff Springs brunch.

      1. I like the pub at the Post Hotel for a casual meal. I love their goulash! Great quality of food.

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        1. re: jorgep18

          If you're considering leaving the Chateau I second the Post Hotel Pub, they have a very comfy fireplace and great ambience.

          Also the dining room at the Post Hotel has a great wine cellar (ask for a tour if you go). The food is good but expensive...the wine cellar is the main attraction imo.

          1. re: jorgep18

            Post Hotel Pub is a fantastic spot and the food comes from the same kitchen as the restaurant!

          2. I recently had lunch at the Glacier Saloon downstairs. Atmosphere is ok, and the food is average at best. One tip - stay away from the chicken wings...they tasted terrible.

            1. We like the brunch at the Chateau. I doubt it's much different than the Banff Springs.