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Jan 11, 2010 06:13 PM

In need of a downtown Montreal brekkie spot

I'm planning a breakfast birthday outing with my friends and need some options for awesome brekkie places in Montreal (preferably downtown/old port). Any suggestions?

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  1. I really like Le Cartet in Old Montreal, at 116 McGill Street although I haven't been in about 4 months. I think they open at 9am on weekends and serve brunch for 15$.

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    1. re: isa1

      Is this a weekday or weekend event?

      Though not downtown, my two favorite places for breakfast are The Swallow on St Laurant for weekend brunch. Or La Banquise on Racel bt Lafontaine Park any day of the week.

      1. re: bigfellow

        don't you mean the "sparrow"?

        I would also recommend going to the sparrow for brunch on weekends, the donuts are amazing. don't forget to bring cash, they do not accept plastic (for the moment)

        1. re: mak2k

          I was pre occupied this morning. Yes, I meant the Sparrow. My bad.

    2. I recommend either McKiernan's on Notre Dame which has some delish and unique brunches and a cozy atmosphere. I think they are only opened on Saturdays for brunch.
      Also, I really like LeMeac for brunch. The menu is online if you want to take a look.


      1. Vieux Port steakhouse has a fantastic Sunday brunch buffet, for around 25$ I think. Many many choices and the quality is very good considering it's a buffet.

        1. Griffintown Cafe Dining.... gets better and better each visit!

          1. L'Avenue has great breakfast, but they get really packed. You should probably call ahead.