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Jan 11, 2010 05:40 PM

Tampa recommendations

Will be in Tampa next month and will have time for lunch and dinner. We are not particular about driving or the type of cuisine...we just want a place that is consistent and good. Any recommendations you could provide would be great.

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  1. Seriously did you search at all? There are like a couple dozen threads called "Tampa Recommendations". Eat at Pane Rustica for lunch and BluFIGS for dinner. Those are both great.

    1. I, too, hope that you'll search this board, there are a LOT of recommendations, mostly for the same couple dozen or so places, because, well, they're the best. So, I will list mine in no particular order; some are cheap, some are upscale, and they're all over Tampa. You can then search for their websites and for more reviews here. If you have questions, I'd be happy to try to answer.
      Pane Rustica
      Golden Orchid
      Cafe Dufrain
      Yummy House
      Soho Sushi
      The Ravioli Company
      Tampa Taco Bus
      Mad Dogs and Englishmen
      Ocean Prime
      Gelateria del Duomo (gelato only)

      There are many others... but those are my top pics, for every day eatin', for special occasions, and for visitors.

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      1. re: Miss E

        I second pretty much every one of these, especially Cappy's, Pane, Taco Bus, Fly bar, and the Ravioli company.

      2. Here are my fave's

        El Puerto-Ybor City Argentinian
        Demmis Market on 7th-Ybor City, pizza only, opens at 5pm
        Pane Rustica-go for lunch, "rustic Italian"
        Laughing Cat-Ybor City Italian
        Terra Sur-Carrollwood, Peruvian
        Sukothai-lunch, Thai
        Samurai Blue-Ybor City, Sushi
        Fly-downtown, pricey but good
        Ruth's Chris-chain steakhouse but yummy(& expensive)

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        1. re: TampaNativeThatLovesNYC

          I appreciate everyone's willingness to list out their favorites in one spot for me. I tried searching before my post, but I felt it was difficult to find solid Tampa recommendations in just a few spots. Thanks again!