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Jan 11, 2010 04:53 PM

Pizza in the Berkshires?

We'll be staying in the Jiminy Peak ski area this coming weekend. I've never been there before, and one of our party wants to go out for pizza one night. Any place good in the area? An Italian restaurant with good pizza and other good food too would be perfect.

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. If you are a pizza connoisseur you will be very disheartened to know that the best pizza in the Berkshires, IMHO, is mediocre at best. Hot Tomatoes or Baba Louie's (in Gt. Barrington) seem to be the favorites.

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      Totally agree with Lenox637 in theory and on restaurants.
      If you haven't been to Jiminy Peak before (I live 3 miles from it), you may not realize that you have to travel to get anywhere. You could try Fresco's in New Lebanon. The pizzas are decent (thin crust, brick oven.) I haven't tried anything other than pizza in years, as I found the rest insipid. But, it had no place to go but up!

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        Does anyone remember how amazing the pizza was when they made it at Elizabeths? That would be the perfect choice if they still did

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          they did make good pizza at Elizabeth's...... too bad, somebody with a passion for pizza (not just the love of money) should open a pizzeria. The best pizzerias have had the same pizza cook for years and years and these cooks think of pizza as an art form

    2. Betty's Pizza Shack in Lenox is very good, but it's going to be a pretty good ride to get there. We also like the Pizza House on Tyler St. in Pittsfield.

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        Betty's Pizza IMHO is not that good. Undercooked with unbalanced toppings. The dough is a step above greek style pizza.

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          I only ate 1 slice at Bettys, once. It was soggy, lacked any real flavor, and a real disappointment. Also not too direct a ride from Hancock.
          If I were to have pizza in Pittsfield or Williamstown (closer to Jiminy) I'd do Hot Tomatoes, but they're pizza only. There are a few tables at the Pittfield one (Tyler Street)---think Williamstown (River St) is take out only.

        2. Everyone has a different taste in pizza, so you'll always get several answers to your question. If I were you, I would take everyone to the Old Forge in Lanesboro, located on Rte. 7. They have excellent wings, a nice menu, and a large variety of beers. Best of all, they're fairly close to Jiminy Peak.

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            Best bar food north of the Pitts.

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              Just tried Vivaldi's Pizza at 898 Crane Avenue- outside the Allendale Mall, and was pleasantly surprised that the quality truly equals NYC pizza. It's been open two years and I never noticed it. It's right next door to the Cheesecake store. Order a slice and give it a try.

              Vivaldi's Pizza
              1826 Broad St, Cranston, RI 02905