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Jan 11, 2010 03:26 PM


Hi all. I am in the planning stages of my July Honeymoon and am overwhelmed with restaurant choices. My fiance and I love seafood, pizza, pasts, relaxed atmosphere (non-touristy), a few special meals (especially in Rome for our last night)...Any recomendations for the above places would be appreciated (we are staying in Florence 3 nights, right outside Siena 3 nights, Montepulciano 3 nights, 4-5 nights in Amalfi, 1-2 nights Rome). Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Florence: It's been awhile, but I lived on Via Faenza and there was a great little trattoria on that street, between the market square and Via Nazionale....I can't remember the name, but I will try to investigate further to find it for you. One place I do remember is Antico Noe, a little panini shop over towards Santa Croce, in what the students and locals call "Heroin Alley". Amazing. Trattoria Anita is a great little inexpensive trattoria. Be sure to get some tripe sandwiches from the little lunch carts around the city too.

    Rome: There was a great magazine from Gourmet a few years ago all about Rome. Try to find a copy for some ideas. Head to via Governo Vecchio to Dolfino for sandwiches on pizza bianca. Also on that street is a little restaurant, without a's on the corner and is always packed. There is no menu there, but it was one of my favorite experiences I had in Italy (I believe that place is listed in Gourmet). Have porchetta at any of the little panini shops, especially in the Campo de Fiori.

    Amalfi: I didn't stay specifically in Amalfi, but make sure you have pizza there (being close to Naples), ravioli, and all the seafood you can handle.

    Just some advice: you may want to focus more on finding regional specialties you want to try and then narrow your restaurant choices from there. Also, go with the flow and pop into the small, out of the way, crowded joints you spot while wandering around the city. Though, I can't blame you for wanting somewhat of an idea of where to go so you don't waste time in a lousy place.

    And if you go to Siena, have a sandwich at Bar San Paolo in the Piazza. It's like the original Quizno's, but with real food.

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      The little restaurant without a sign on Governo Vecchio is da Tonino and it is at number 18 and definitely a simple but very nice trattoria where locals & tourists sit knees touching with good, simple food.

    2. I wrote about my restaurant experiences in Amalfi and in Cetara with one lunch in Ravello, after I returned from my week-long 2008 visit:

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        Thank you all for the recommendations. I have been to Florence and remember Antico Noe. I cannot wait to go back there. My goal is to stay away from touristy restaurants, although I know in Florence that can be hard. If there are any recommendations for the Tuscany area as well as wineries that would be great!

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          when I studied in Florence we toured the Il Poggio Antico winery in Montalcino. Very small place, no restaurant there.

          The place on via Faenza is Trattoria Antichi Cancelli,'s away from the Duomo, towards the train station, so probably not touristy. And please, try to get to this place for lunch ( only open then)'s by the market, so that shouldn't be hard. I took my parents there 12 years ago, and my dad still talks about that meal..

          Also, in a Rick Steve's guide there is a little (miniscule really) town outside of Orvieto called Civita di Bagnoreggio. We had some incredible bruschetta there, but other than that there is virtually nothing...there may be about 20 citizens of that town. But right outside there, he also wrote about a small b&b type place that may also have a vineyard.

      2. I had the best steak of my life, the bistec alla florentina, at Perseus in Florence.

        More info in my trip report here: