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Jan 11, 2010 02:59 PM

Recommednations for Truro, Cornwall

Hello, I'm a LLLOOONNGGG time Toronto-based Chowhounder and will be making a trip to England this coming February. My wife (a Cornwall native) and I will be spending a week in Truro, Cornwall. We always give ourselves one fantastic meal wherever we are (Veritas in New York, Ramsey's place in LA among others) so I'm looking for recommendations for a meal in Truro.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. The real deal is Rick Stein's The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, but that is 30 slow miles away, and you need to put your name down at birth to get a table.

    Otherwise, half an hour in the car will get you to St. Mawes which is lovely. When I used to spend time there the good places were: The Tresanton Hotel, The Green Lantern, The Rising Sun and The Idle Rocks. Hopefully I'm not too out of date!

    Also The Roseland Inn at Philleigh is an excellent pub, with the nearby church of St. Just in Roseland simply a wonderful place to visit.

    Edit: I seem to recall a TV programme a little while back where Rick Stein went to a fish restaurant which was his original inspiration. I think that may have been in Falmouth.

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      Not certain I would agree with the Rick Stein accolade, I believe it owes more to his TV fame than the food it serves. I have not eaten there but have tried his other places, OK but not memorable.

      For me there were two culinary hotspots in Cornwall Padstow and Fowey. Padstow is still a culinary centre, Nathan Outlaw is now 100% in Rock with his established Grill, and soon to open relocated Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, he was a Michelin 2 star rising when in Fowey (he closed late last year). Next you have "Paul Ainsworth at No.6" Paul is ex Petrus and The Greenhouse and it shows in a very high standard of food at a reasonable price. And finally there is Adrian at Margot's, a small restaurant that is usually packed, possibly a harder table to score than Rick's Seafood Restaurant.

      St Ives is probably a bit far, but it does have the sublime Porthminster Beach Cafe, and Guernards Head pub just down the coast. Apart from that I would follow Robyns pub advice, beware though, 99% of pubs seem to do food, but only a few are superb. If you are near Polkerris the Rasleigh Inn is right on the beach and does amazing fish.

      1. re: PhilD

        Quality info from Phil!

        I'd forgotten about the Porthminster. St Ives is about 25 miles, so could be ok for a sober lunch?

        BTW Phil, I had a shocking Sunday Roast lunch four days ago in your neck of the woods. At The Jolliffe Arms in Kilmersdon which is usually pretty good for pub grub. I had the lamb and my son's beef was terrible too. The number 12 shirt may have been at the controls. And at the sherry.

        DAB.....I think you might struggle a bit in Truro itself. no Ramsay there!