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Jan 11, 2010 02:44 PM

Pacific Grove (Monterey) coffee and lunch requests

Any decent coffee in Pacific Grove or adjacent Monterey? How about lunch spots? Thanks.

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  1. PG: Red House Cafe or Peppers (Mex)
    Mtry: Seafood (Massaro/Santos, Coast Guard pier) or (Sandbar and Grill, Municipal pier)
    Can't help w/ coffee, just not particular about it.

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    1. re: Gail

      The Red House Cafe in PG is great, it's cozy little, homey place with great food and service. There is also Schooner's Bistor @ the Monterey Plaza Hotel, we love the fish tacos there. The Clement has "the C" which is an upscale restaurant with gorgeous oceanviews and great food. On Old Fisherman's Wharf we like Isabella's, Domenico's and Cafe Fina. Enjoy your time at the coast! :)

    2. We had lunch at Massaro and Santos. I really liked the sand dabs. Found very good coffee at the Peete's in Monterey. Thanks. We went before we saw your post, syrahgirl.

      1. I think I mentioned on another thread that I really thought the lunch at the aquarium was very good with an outstanding view!