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Jan 11, 2010 02:43 PM

Need a reco

The girls are reuniting - 2 of my high school friends are coming back to T.O after a 1/4 century absence. They have a jam-packed weekend planned, and I am tasked to find a yummy place for an early (1100h) saturday lunch. Back in the day, we used to haunt Yorkville, and they would like to return. To be honest, even though I live here, I haven't dined in Yorkville in ages, and I'm not sure it would be the first area I'd choose. But their wish is my command! Can any CH-er held me out here - something brunchy, but not AYCE (& I think Yorkville can be broadly defined south to Charles, west to St George, north to Dav). Thanks a lot!

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  1. Gallery Grill at Hart House is lovely, super yummy and would suit a special occasion. It's not Yorkville per se, but it falls into your parameters and is certainly easy walking distance to all the shops.

    1. Did you ever go to Coffee Mill in the old days? I recently reunited with some buddies from my Yorkville days at the Coffee Mill. What a trip -- it seemed exactly the same! Even the owner, forget her name, is still hanging around gabbing with all the regulars.

      We had our "usuals" from 30 years ago -- egg salad on toasted rye with olives, among other things. Plus on Saturdays, they have that gorgeous chicken soup. Everything still tasty.

      Also spotted Rick Mercer enjoying himself too, but couldn't see what he was eating.

      1. Check out the cafe at Holt's - that's the upstairs one, not the basement self-serve.

        1. I haven't been, but a friend of mine had brunch at One (Hazelton Hotel) and said it was amazing (but pricey).

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            OK, y'all are psychic! I was just going to come back to say that it looks like Hart House is closed on Saturdays, but how does One vs. Holt's vs. Nervosa vs. Courtyard vs. Prego play out? Coffee Mill is yummy, but just not in the 1/4 century reunion mode. (we used to go to Hemingway's and Bemelman's and a few other places that I simply can't recall; we saw ourselves as oh so sophisticated with our part-time wages & our fake IDs!)

            1. re: badrockandroll

              I can't give you all the vs, but I'd drop Nervosa. Not nearly special enough for your reunion. One's environment will rekindle those sophisticated feelings you had.

              1. re: Googs

                Jacques Bistro du Parc might fit the bill nicely. Fantastic omelets and perfect for brunch.

                1. re: millygirl

                  Yes, our pseudo-sophistication is now based on maxed credit cards and fake Gucci! In that spirit, we've decided One (but it's the company isn't it?) Thanks all!

                    1. re: JamieK

                      We had a great time. I thought that the place was pretty. The food was good, especially the salads. I first thought that the food was rather expensive, but it seems that $17 eggs benny is standard for the neighbourhood. I am now more of a wine and beer drinker, but back in the day, Bellinis and such were our standard fare, so we returned "in spirit" & really enjoyed this vodka/lemon/champagne concoction. Best part of the day (beside the company) was our waiter. He was a gem - humourous, helpful, prompt & even got us the recipe for the cocktail. So thanks for the reco - absolutely perfect for the occasion, and I would in turn recommend it for a special brunch or luncheon.

                    2. re: badrockandroll

                      We always say it's the company, darling. However, every woman benefits from a backdrop that gives a healthy glow to the skin.

                      1. re: Googs

                        Isn't that the truth. I've not been to One. Sounds though as I ought to put it on the list.

                        1. re: Googs

                          I know it! Not enough time to lose those pesky ten pounds or have botox - Spanks and Sephora!