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Jan 11, 2010 02:41 PM

PHX - best location for walking distance good food options

Going to be in PHX at the end of the month . Need something near airport if possible since I probably won't have a car . Found some decent hotels near the Downtown campus of ASU, but it looks kind of scarce ( at least on Google Maps ) from a foodie perspective . Don't mind spending on hotel, but can't go above $200 or so on that. Suggestions on areas/places to stay needed. No specific cuisine , just something good .

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  1. The area near ASU Downtown, known as Evans-Churchill, is steadily becoming one of the main locations for new restaurant openings. It's still a somewhat gritty area without a lot glitz and too many vacant lots, but it's where a lot of interesting, chef-driven places have opened over the last year and a bunch more are in development.

    See this prior thread on the same topic:

    As for hotels with good access to public transit, I recommend the following:

    Downtown Sheraton -- nicer than any Sheraton I've ever seen and home to a good restaurant known as District. Just a few blocks from light rail.

    Clarendon -- A few miles north of Downtown in Midtown. Just under 1/2 mile walk from light rail. On-site restaurant Gallo Blanco is very well-regarded.

    ALoft Airport -- brand new discount version of a W. No on-site restaurant and few places to eat within walking distance, but just across the street from light rail and very close to the Airport.

    1. I recommend against staying near the airport as there is really nothing near there. But it is quite easy to take the light rail from the airport to downtown or beyond. If you stay near the rail, you'll have all the rail-accessible restaurants within easy striking distance. Silverbear's hotel recommendations of the Sheraton and Clarendon are probably the two best. I would add to them the Downtown Hyatt and the Wyndham (not as nice as the Sheraton, but consistent with the quality of the big hotel chains). If you want a bit more charm (i.e., smaller rooms, older plumbing) the Hotel San Carlos is also very close to the light rail. Staying downtown puts you close (within rail or walking distance) to Pizzeria Bianco, PastaBar, Moira Sushi, Roosevelt Tavern, Matt's Big Breakfast, Sens, one of the Los Dos Molinos locations and the Downtown Phoenix Public Market (Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings).