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Jan 11, 2010 02:32 PM

Gaslamp for 22 year olds...and parents

Hi we live here, go down there every once in awhile.. Im thinking Candelas or El Vitral or Red Pearl Kitchen .One is a daughter the other a Russian student who has never been here.. Both are into good food.. Any new ideas? of also oh darn the french little one that has been on my to do list.. We will have a drink somewhere first.. any ideas? and then dinner.. Would like someplace buzzy.. Not quiet.. thanks!!

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    1. Cafe Chloe. Their food is wonderful. The service is warm and friendly. This is not a place to rush through dinner, rather the type of restaurant to relax and engage in family, conversation, and good spirit.

      1. You could do drink(s) at El Vitral and then walk up to Cafe Chloe for dinner.

        1. Cafe Chloe is a good idea but be aware that they don't take reservation for 4 people (they have one table for 5 people which is available through reservation.) and that you might have to wait 20-30 minutes for your table (or longer depending when you want to go)

          1. Cafe Chloe
            Quarter Kitchen at the Ivy Hotel

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              ok well we wont want to wait for Cafe Chloe.. .. J six we did a few years back.. it seems kind of quiet these days.. and it wasnt over the top.. I did Quarter kitchen one night.. was fine.. how is that these days?

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                You can look for 'someplace buzzy' at this website..


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                  Another option close to Cafe Chloe is Cowboy Star (It's a very good steak house but has also other options on the menu and is excellent and the ambience is not like your typical steak house)