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Jan 11, 2010 02:29 PM

Breakfast Bagel

Four of us will visit Manhattan in mid-June.

I've been talking up NYC bagels as the only true "bagel-experience" in the known universe. Where can I take my three companions and me for the best breakfast bagel, with coffee in Manhattan?

BTW, my bagel epiphany occured in a diner in Sheepshead Bay in the early '60s. Memories are precious things.

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  1. Do you want smoked salmon, capers, etc. on your bagel? And cream cheese? Where are you staying? How far are you willing to go? The best bagel is the freshest (as in minutes old, and still warm to the touch).

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    1. re: kathryn

      I agree with you, its a loaded question depending if you like egg sandwiches, cream cheese, lox, nothing, etc. To get you started, Ess-a-bagel on 21st and 1st is my favorite bagel in the city. Big, chewy crust, soft interior. Some say they are too big and bloated but it suits me just fine. 90% of the times its a salt bagel and the other 10% is whatever I see them pulling out of the oven at that moment with butter or just plain, esp. the piping hot ones. Sadly they also probably have the worst coffee in the city.

      1. re: ESNY

        Coffee does count for something, ESNY, but the bagel is the lone focus in the quest I'm going to subject my companions to.

      2. re: kathryn

        I am wanting to have a two-bagel breakfast, Kathryn. One with a schmear of butter, one totally plain.

        Thank you for the link.

      3. I really like David's Bagel on 1st Ave 19/20th st. Also, and I can't believe I'm saying this, there's a Ray's pizza on st marks and 3rd that has amazing egg bagel sandwiches in the morning.