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Jan 11, 2010 02:29 PM

Recipes Not Involving Cooking For Student

I live in a Dorm right now, and I am going through cooking withdrawal. Does anyone have some suggestions for throwing something other than salads together? Thanks!

Also, if you know of any good hole-in-the-wall Indian or Thai, I would love to hear about it! I am going through Indian food withdrawal while saving my pennies for Vij's

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  1. Get a cheap rice cooker. This device got me through University.

    Toss a couple of sausages on top of the rice before you turn it on...the sausage cooks as the rice cooks (I like Chinese sausages - lop choeng - but chorizo, etc will work just fine). For extra points, add diced yellow squash or similar along with the rice. Season to taste. It will all cook together as a one pot meal.

    Do a search on the Home Cooking board for more tips.

    I'm assuming you are in Vancouver...where exactly?

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        Thanks for the tips! I live at UBC, so over in Kitsilano.

      2. Just a reminder that this thread is for cooking and recipe ideas. For hole-in-the wall places to eat, please post on your local board - good luck in your hunt!

        1. I don't know the rules for posting videos here, but if you search "hotel room cooking" on YouTube there's a great video by George Egg where he makes Tortellini and Spinach as well as English muffins from scratch using a coffee maker and clothes iron in his hotel room. Might be good for some ideas.

          1. Do you have a microwave? A toaster oven? An electric kettle? A refrigerator/freezer?

            Just trying to figure out what range of suggestions can be offered. I started cooking for myself at college when I lived in a dorm with a hall kitchen, but I did a fair amount in my room without the use of the range/oven and a little fridge unit. (The dorm fridge was a nightmare....)

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              I have a fridge, tiny freezer, and microwave

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                You CAN cook in a microwave... it's just not the same as cooking on a stove. Microwave-steamed fish is supposed to be really good. I accidentally cooked some ground beef all the way through in the microwave (I didn't press the 'defrost' button!) and it was fine, just not browned. You didn't notice the difference once I'd turned into spaghetti sauce, which is something else you could easily do in the microwave.

            2. You can make ramen with a coffee maker and fix it up with an egg, scallions, cooked meat smuggled out of the dining hall etc.

              You could probably make rice and/or lentils in a thermos by getting hot water (from coffee maker) and sealing up the whole mess in a thermos.