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Jan 11, 2010 01:06 PM

Rome - Help me narrow my list!

We will be in Rome for 4 nights at the end of January. In planning our trip and, in particular,
our meals, I have reviewed a lot of posts on Chowhound. I have narrowed my list, but
still need your help. Here's what I have thus far:
Lunch near the Campo de Fiori: Rosciolo's
Lunch near the Coliseum: Il Bocconcino
Lunch near the Vatican: Dal Toscano al Girarrosto
Sunday lunch near Villa Borghese: ??
Dinners: Ditirambo
Ristorante Vecchia Roma
Il Bacaro
Someplace in Trastavere?? or pizza at Da Baffetto??
Reactions? Advice? Thanks in advance for your help-

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    1. re: jmk38

      I don't think your list is very good. Roscioli is good, and friends have recently spoken well of Il Bacaro, but I haven't been. Otherwise, there's no place on your list I would go. I think you will find better places on this board.

      1. re: mbfant

        What do you think of Il Drappo and Antico Arco?

        1. re: jmk38

          I'm not Maureen but I do dine at Il Drappo and like it a lot. It's old school Sardinian in a wonderful sense. Get a reservation if you can.

          1. re: steve h.

            Forgot to add:

            Ditirambo can be very good. It can also be very hectic. The place has long ago been "discovered". It's cheek-to-jowl dining. I like it a lot. Choose your dining time carefully. Expect that your second visit will be more satisfactory than your first. Reservations are a must. The tonnarelli cacio e pepe is very good. Ditirambo has a great grappa selection. Ask some questions, try a few samples. You'll be well rewarded.

            Pizza is not fine dining. Find a good place with a wood-fired oven near your hotel/apartment and enjoy a late-night snack.

            1. re: steve h.

              Steve - this is very helpful. We do plan to try it - what do you mean by "choosing our dining time carefully" ??

              1. re: jmk38

                Ditirambo is a very popular restaurant in a very popular part of town. Either dine very early (perhaps when they just open for dinner) or very late. Either way, reservations will be required. A little prior planning can spell the difference between an enjoyable meal and an uncomfortable one.

                Having said all that, I've been dining there for years. Concentrate on the antipasti and the primi. Desserts can be good, the grappa selection is superb.

                Edited to add: I was cleaning out my passport case today and a tab from Ditirambo fell out. Penance was Euro 90 for a complete meal for two with wine. That must have been one hell of a meal!

            2. re: steve h.

              I haven't been to Il Drappo for a few years, but have always liked it. Do you remember what it cost on your last visit?

              Likewise Antico Arco, I haven't been in a while, but have always thought they did a great job for a reasonable price. I have heard complaints, mainly of the service, but my own experience has always been good.

              1. re: mbfant

                Hi Maureen,
                I can't remember what I paid at Il Drappo but I do remember remarking to myself that dinner and wine came in lower than expected. The place is an absolute jewel. I'll be back in March and will update the board with prices, thoughts, comments and criticisms at that time.

                Best regards,


              2. re: steve h.

                And here is another vote for Il Drappo. To see our report on it go to:
                We had a really lovely lunch there.

              3. re: jmk38

                We were in Rome in the end of December and found Il Drappo entirely by accident- on Christmas Eve, they were able to seat us (with apologies!) in the garden, which was covered, heated, and absolutely perfect. I seem to recall that the bread basket, with very, very fine, crackling sheets (the 'music paper'?) and soft, almost anise or lemon-scented rolls, was delicious. One of the waiters spoke some English, the other did not; they were graceful about my rusty lingua and a pleasant evening on the whole. I seem to remember a duck with fruit dish that was especially well-liked.

      , anyway, another vote in their favor!

                1. re: jmk38

                  I have eaten at Il Drappo twice, 1994 ( Mimi Sheraton recommendation ) and 2007, both times my best meal in Rome.

                  1. re: oldmarshall

                    Based on all of your positive experiences, we plan to have dinner at Il Drappo
                    one night - we're really looking forward to it.

            3. I really like Dal Bolognese on piazza del Popolo. It is a scene, but the food I have had has been very good. Best for dinner, I do not remember if they do lunch. When I have dined there it has been alone and the service has been perfect every time.

              1 Piazza del Popolo

              I also have enjoyed La Buca di Ripetta which has a nice atmosphere and the food was good. Great dessert. Great wine list.

              If you are obsessed with wine like myself Trimani Wine Bar is worth a visit. I find that the service here is not good, but they have quite a good selection of wine.

              For some good gelato I like Giolitti (it is where Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn went in Roman Holiday). There is a huge horde of people and a long line, but they have excellent gelato. San Crispino is another spot for some good gelato.

              It is hard to find, but Sora Margherita for Lunch is always good. It is loud, but great local place.

              Hope this helps.

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              1. re: tbwenzlau

                Just returned from 4 great days and nights in Rome and, thanks in large part to this board,
                great meals as well. Our dinners were Ditirambo, Antico Arco, Il Drappo and Vecchio Roma.
                Surprisingly, the least spectacular of the 4 was our meal at Il Drappo - BUT, I fault us,
                rather than the restaurant for the less than wonderful experience. We would go back, but
                would defer to their recommendations next time. Also had a good lunch one day at
                Cul de Sac (including our best bottle of wine of the whole trip, a Sicilian red). Caffe Farnese, right on the Piazza Farnese, was our go-to spot each afternoon for great coffee.
                By the way, Ditirambo was not chaotic, as Steve H had warned. Probably because it was
                a Thursday evening in January. We had a great meal with very warm service. The
                restaurant was half full when we arrived, but soon filled up and was lively without being
                Thank you again to everyone.