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Jan 11, 2010 01:06 PM

BBQ caterer that will travel to the Lehigh Valley

Does anyone know first -hand, of a REALLY good bbq caterer/restaurant? I don't think we want a pig roaster, we really want true bbq. Especially one with a travelling smoker to do ribs/ chicken/ brisket on-site. I'm in the Lehigh valley and the ones that are here are not up to snuff. It's for a rehearsal dinner in June. Thanks for any and all help!

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  1. Feast Your Eyes Catering out of Philadelphia. They have a smoker from Mesquite, Texas that is about the size of a garden shed. It's the real deal, but all the smoking is done at their place. Brisket done the right way takes longer than any sane caterer wants to spend off site at someone's location.

    1. Have you checked with Big Daddy's in Easton? I thought that they catered, but I'm not sure if they do it on-site.

      1. This guy has catered a number of parties we were at. Great BBQ and he has a huge smoker that will be parked in your yard the whole day. Gary Stephens WESTCOAST BBQ & GRILLE Allentown PA 610-703-5306

        1. Bones Grille, A BBQ restaurant just off the Lansdale exit on the NE Extension does catering

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            You might call Blooming Glen Catering. They do bring the grills to your place and do bbq.If you ever drive by their outdoor tent in the summer you will smell the sweet smell of amazing bbq.


          2. Tex's BBQ rotates weekend locations around the western suburbs - and has good BBQ. I know they cater but have no details (only purchased from the truck). Website is:

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                I've had Tex's and would give an enthusiastic recommendation for casual dining, but I wouldn't put MY rehearsal dinner in their hands.