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Jan 11, 2010 12:40 PM

French Laundry Reservation Conundrum?

Ok, I want to go to French Laundry on April 30th. They take reservations 2 months in advance to the day. Feb 30th? Which day is it acceptable to call? I will call them but thought someone here might know. Thanks.

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    1. Take my word for it , this place is not worth the wait, there are much better places.

      It reminds me of Michale Mina's in Union Square.

      All talk, all fluff, all a crock, its a tourist place, what else do you need to know.

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      1. re: McIntosh

        I am not from Younteville and I am a tourist. I have the money and have always wanted to go to FL just to see if he is the one of the great chefs in USA. If he doesn't live up to the hype I won't be back and I will leave nasty comments on CH like you!

        1. re: scfinson

          Nominated for post of the year! It's early yet, but I applaud the spirited effort.

          1. re: scfinson

            Hah! Someone below has the best advice -- check Open Table at midnight when it becomes Feb. 28th for the reservation (or the next morning before calling).

            1. re: scfinson

              I have not been there in 8 years, and it may have gotten commercialized. But, I have been there 5 times and it was so worth it except for the last time. Thomas Keller is a culinary genius, and he was always there, and you were always invited to meet him. The last time we went,he was not there and they were pushing ordering more bottles of wine. The experience was not as good. I am going back to the NV in May for our 20th anniversary and considered FL. Looked at the menu and saw it would be $500 without wine or foie gras. Decided against it. Going to the restaurant at the Meadowwods.

            2. re: McIntosh

              just curious, when did you go? and what about your experience left it so wanting?

              1. re: nicedragonboy

                Do you really expect a first time poster making a clearly false statement to reply?

                1. re: bbulkow

                  False? I agree somewhat. I don't think it is fluff, but very overy-hyped. I'd rather go to Etoile these days to eat what Perry Hoffman is creating at a third of the price. His parents were the owners of French Laundry prior to Keller and as a child Hoffman helped out in the kitchen.

                  That being said, as the OP said, sometimes you have to satisfy your curiousity. Some people appreciate FL. Some don't. Just like everywhere else

              2. re: McIntosh

                It is NOT a tourist place, it is NOT all fluff. It is a great restaurant with exceptional service. Yes, it is hard to get a reservation, but you can linger as long as you want and they do their best to make you happy. What more can one ask for?

                1. re: McIntosh

                  Wow...epic fail. I've eaten at both French Laundry and Michael Mina, and the latter doesn't remotely resemble the latter.

                  1. re: McIntosh

                    I take it you were not too happy with the FL. I have never been and have no particular desire, but I recognize what is involved in serving the best, fresh ingredients; prepared with meticulous care; in a clean pleasant atmosphere by an attentive wait staff, allowing ample time to enjoy the meal. It is expensive, but much less a ripoff than a mediocre burger at In and Ouit.

                  2. call them now and ask them. Chances are you'll have a hard time getting through anyway day of

                    1. I was on hold, so I signed on to and got the reservation I wanted.

                      Best of luck!

                      1. If you can be in any way more flexible with your dates (i.e. 4/29 or 5/1 would also work) that would increase your chances, as would soliciting the help of friends or family to call at the same time. (You'll need to give a credit card, so make sure it's a trustworthy soul. :) )

                        Good luck!