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Jan 11, 2010 12:18 PM

Seek Road Food Recs along Rt. 91 in MA

Will be driving from northern NJ to Stowe in a couple of weeks. Looking for some road food recs along Rt. 91 in MA. I did see a similar post recommending a few stops in VT, but I doubt my crew will last that long. Estimate crossing the CT/MA border around 6:30 pm. Thanks!

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  1. Bubs BBQ in Sunderland!!! Also Big Mamou Cajun in Springfield.

    1. Big Mamou is BYOB. definately worth the trip. mostly creole/cajun. across from the Post Office on Liberty st.
      Further south, just across the CT line is Hazard Grille. Locally owned/managed. Great menu, full bar. easy on/off 91 on rte 190 east. Super fresh seafood, pasta, homemade soups. next to the yucky Olive Garden.

      1. About 2 miles off rt. 91 on rte 9 in Hadley is Mi Tierra. Great spicy pork tacos, great chile rellenos (cheese), carne con nopales, fried yucca side.

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        1. Downtown Northhampton is pretty easy on-off from 91 and has a lot of food options.

          1. Donut Dip in West Springfield is my usual road trip stop in that area, great classic donuts and perfect road food architecture to boot. (Not a fan of Bub's at all.)

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              if you're going to donut dip, you should go to White Hut, too.