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Jan 11, 2010 12:07 PM

The Sultans Tent - Toronto


I've been to the Sultan's tent a couple of times .. a couple years ago... and have really enjoyed the food, service, ambience the times that I have been and thought it worth the price.

I believe my bf and I are going there for Valentines day... but kinda worried now.
Was really surprised to hear that the majority of people who've been have posted pretty bad reviews. I'm thinking maybe the ambience overshadowed the food for me....??

Are there any out there who went during Valentines day? Did you have a good experience? If not, what was on the menu that was a disappoinment?

Some favorite restaurant's of mine are Trimurti, Banjara, Pantheon, Veronas, Davdu, Salad King, Sit in Bangkok, Regina's Pizzeria, Penelope's, Insomnia, Szhechuan Gourmet and sister resto Spadina Garden, Eddie's Wok n Roll...

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  1. You'll love it!!!...Marimba!

    1. I personally love this place! You are right the ambiance was great, and it still is, i was there not too long ago and loved it. I think it is a cool choice for Valentines because of its uniqueness, its not a typical restaurant people might go to for this day, but good idea!

      1. I was invited there as a company event and after reading the reviews, I was sort of dreading the dinner. However, I was pleasantly surprised (maybe due to low expectations!) I started with the smoked duck breast salad which was fine, and based on other reviews had the maftoul. They were just okay - typical variation of a deep fried "ground beef springroll." For the main I had the braised lamb shank. I don't think I've ever met a lamb shank I never liked, so this was no exception. Really tender, and such a large portion I didn't eat much of the couscous. Toasted almonds on top were a good addition. Dessert was creme brulee. Again, nothing to write home about and the crispy sugar layer was thicker than I prefer. Our server was very accommodating with allergies and very pleasant. This wasn't exactly a revelatory meal, but the food wasn't at all as bad as I expected.

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        1. re: mobirose

          Agreed, the food was nothing special, but it was at the very least serviceable and not disgusting. Perhaps having low expectations helped

          1. re: Blueicus

            This is perhaps the most glowing review I've ever read.

        2. Don't do it! The whole place is sort of terrifying...from the so-called "prix-fixe" to the awkward belly dancing. I've only been there once (under duress) and will never return. You can do so much better for the money.

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          1. re: sam_1

            How is belly dancing awkward? I've been there a couple of times for birthdays. The food is passable and we loved the belly dancing (having taken lessons myself). I wouldn't recommend the place per se, but for a fun thing to try it's not bad.

            1. re: MeMeMe

              I didn't mean the belly dancing per se...what I really meant was the overall atmosphere of the place. Very over-the-top. The belly dancers the night I was there were actually pretty bad though.

            2. re: sam_1

              My friend and I went and were pretty excited about it, but were both really disappointed with the food. It was poorly cooked, texturally unappealing, and generally lacking in flavour. Overall, a big disappointment. The belly dancer made us feel quite awkward ourselves: neither one of us are prudes and furthermore, I'm a gay man and my companion was a heterosexual woman, but we still felt dirty with the belly dancers coming and dancing only a couple feet from our faces.

              All in all, the only interesting thing was the decor, which was somewhat uncomfortable, too. Oh, and the tea was quite pleasant. Apart from that, it was a waste of both an evening and some cash; we could have done much, much better for the price we paid.

            3. I've gone there three times. The first time I liked it, it's very touristy, I guess that's why. The food isn't all that great, and neither is the service. But then again, the first time I went there was 3 years ago...maybe it was different when you went? I think, for the same price, you'll have a much better experience at The Corner House, Scaramouche Pasta Bar or Amuse Bouche