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Jan 11, 2010 12:03 PM

Foodie needs a good gluten free menu

I will be in NYC in a few weeks for a celebration with a group of foodies. I am looking for suggestions to someplace with great food, nice atmosphere and a gluten free menu for one of our guests. All those that have gluten free menus, that I have found so far, seem to be lacking in atmosphere or great food that isn't gluten free. Suggestions?

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  1. Check out Risotteria on Bleecker Street in the Village. It's not fancy but the food is good and there are lots of excellent gluten free choices - including beers.

    1. Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market is also great (casual but charming), just started serving dinner, and has a phenomenal gluten-free menu. It's not on their website, but it was posted about at .

      I've also found that any decent restaurant is willing to accommodate a gluten-free diner (I eat out often and cannot eat gluten). Recently, I remember my waiter at Craft being especially knowledgeable.

      1. Stanton Social! They have a gluten free menu. It was one of the few times i've gone out to dinner and not felt left out having to eat gluten free - and didn't have to drag my friends to a gluten free place. braised short ribs are esp good.

        1. You might want to try a raw vegan restaurant. I like Pure Food and Wine, it has great ambiance. Rockin Raw in Brooklyn is also very nice. You can also call the major steak houses like Prime Meats and ask if they can do gluten free.

          1. you may find this link helpful:

            i totally agree with the risotteria recommendation.