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Jan 11, 2010 11:28 AM

Cafe Mei Mei--Has anyone tried it yet?

I'm looking for something new to try in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area tonight. Has anyone been to this new restaurant on Court St. yet? Thanks.

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  1. Living nearby and finding the decor and the menu to be pretty boring, I look forward to hearing reviews as well.

    On Yelp two reviews were added today - but the positive one sounds like a shill.

    1. Cafe Mei Mei menu is on their website.

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      1. re: fomosany

        I saw on a sign outside the restaurant that on Monday nights they have a Lobster Night, 1 1/2 pounder for $15, anyone try this out?

        1. re: fishermb

          What a deal (conceivably) does this special compare with the $30 ludicrous lobster (1 & 1/4 lb.) at Casa Pepe's? Live or frozen? With or without sides/dessert/coffee, etc.?

          Casa Pepe
          114 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

          1. re: Mike R.

            Just wanted to follow up the post...GF & I went last night to try out the lobster 'special' although special it definitely was not. We walked in around 7PM to a nice atmosphere and about 4 other filled tables. There appeared to be only 1 cook in the kitchen and like 6 combo waiters\hostesses\bussers. Service was terrible from the start. The one highlight, the onion\tomato\bacon soup, took about 25 minutes to get the bowl. The 1 1/2 pound lobster, which we each ordered, came out de-shelled (a heartbreak to people like me who think the best part is the roe\knuckles\etc everything but the tail), leading me to wonder if it was frozen. The deal does not come with a beer as I saw advertised elsewhere. It's a-la-carte, and there were choices of 4 sides. I had grilled ramps, which were burnt to a crisp beyond reconigition or taste. GF's mashed potatoes were hardly mashed and tasted very plain. We also waited a solid 35-40 minutes for the lobster after they took our soup away. We were really hoping this would wind up being a Monday night tradition for us, but we left annoyed, hungry and dissatisfied.

      2. I Had breakfast at Cafe Mei-Mei a few weeks ago and it was great and a bargain. I had the fried eggs (3) with jalapenos and gouda, it came with two spicy chicken sausages and hashbrown potatoes shaped like a torpedo. Even the bread was exceptional it was from Caputo I had thick sices of seven grain toast. they serve Stumptown coffee and it is a bottomless cup. this a far cry from the greasy diner food in the neighborhood. another item that looked great were Jonnie Cakes with Gravlax.They do breakfast from 7am until 1pm, No breakfast on Mondays!