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Jan 11, 2010 11:12 AM

Liberty Duck in SF?

Does anyone know which butchers stock Liberty Ducks in San Francisco? Even better would be a source for the breasts.

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  1. Liberty Duck is the brand name for Sonoma Poultry in Penngrove (Petaluma). I pick mine up in Petaluma at a small spot on Petaluma Blvd (hard to find). There is no retail outlet. Call Jim Reichardt to find out when he will be in Petaluma (or maybe other spots). I don't know whether he will meet you in SF or East Bay, but you can ask. The best deal is frozen duck breasts for as little as $4.00 lb (price varies). 4 halfs to a pkg.

    1. Bi-Rite Market sells Jim R's ducks whole, just breasts, or just legs. They have exactly what you want.

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        Perfect. Thanks you. Gotta love Bi-Rite!

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          Bi-Rite no longer stocks whole ducks, but they can get one for you in a day or two if you call ahead. They do stock legs and breasts.