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Jan 11, 2010 11:04 AM

Reservations at popular NYC restaurants

Hello everyone. I have a question I hope you can help with!
When a restaurant says "reservations taken up to 1 month in advance" what does that actually mean? I know Babbo is very clear (so for 11th Feb, reservations open today 11th Jan) - but is that the case for every restaurant? Or can it be 30 days for example? I'm particulary interested in Lupa and Blue Hill. They both say 1 month, yet on Open Table for Lupa last date you can book is not 11th but 10th Feb, and for Blue Hill it is even one day earlier, 9th Feb. I know this is probably because they are setting limitations on OT, so it's best to call, but when?? So my question really is, when can I call Blue Hill and Lupa so it's on the day their books open for 1 month in advance?!
Thank you!

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  1. It could be one month to the numerical date, or it could be 28 days or 30 days or 31 days, etc. Many places open their books to phone callers 30 days in advance, but Open Table only 29 days in advance.

    Your BEST bet is to call the reservations line directly at an offpeak time and ask about their reservations policy. How many days in advance, what time does the reservations office open, if I want to book X, when should I call, etc.

    1. Sorry if this doesn't help at all. My advice is to call the restaurant and find out exactly what they consider a month (or 28 days, or 30 days, or 4 weeks) because there is no hard and fast rule. So if you want to go to restaurant X on Feb 23 ask what day you can call. I've also found that OT some times has a 30 day/month limit but if you put in a date past that and the date falls within the restaurants allowable time frame it accept the reservation.

      1. thanks both (and for replying so quickly!!). i will call each restaurant to check - i didn't realise it was so variable! thanks again.

        1. Hello again. Just in case it's helpful to someone else, I've contacted both Lupa and Blue Hill and their "1 month in advance" reservation policy means the following:
          Blue Hill, if you want a table 3rd March, you can call 3rd Feb (from 10am). Note that Open Table is 2 days behind.
          Lupa, same as Blue Hill, also from 10am. Note that OT is 1 day behind.
          I also called Gramercy Tavern, who open their books 28 days in advance. This means that if you wanted a table 29th March, you can call 1st March (from 9.30am). It is the same on OT, so no restrictions.
          I hope this is useful and thank for your help!