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Jan 11, 2010 10:49 AM

Bonefish Grill

I am being treated to a meal at Bonefish Grill on Thursday, and since we're in the new year and resolutions still being adhered to, I'm hoping to enjoy a pleasant, low-calorie evening out. (Since I'm not choosing the restaurant, I'd like to side-step discussions about Bonefish v. other, better seafood restaurants.

Any suggestions for tastiest but still diet-conscious? I've found very little nutiitional info on this chain, but apparently the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer runs about 450 calories (almost all calories from fat).

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  1. Congratulations on a healthy resolution! After a sort of simple search for nutrition information for Bonefish (I was curious, too), I found very little in the way of conclusive calorie/fat information, and a whole lot of ordering variables. The most instructive piece of information that I found was this article (posted below). The calorie counts that I found on various websites all varied wildly from one another so I assume, as you did, that Bonefish does not really post a complete listing of nutrition facts online.

    Have a lovely dinner!

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    1. Beware of the sauces - most are heavily sweetened. To be safe, have them delivered on the side.

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        Requesting sauce or salad dressing on the side is a great idea for ANY restaurant....And consider asking them to grill the fish, not fry it..better yet, request steamed...request olive oil instead of butter.

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          Good advice, Val. Though I'm not opposed to butter in any shape or form, as long as it's the real stuff!

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            Many times, you can cook fish in olive oil (if it HAS to be cooked in a fat) and it does not alter the taste much at all.

      2. I don't have one near me, but the one time I've been to a Bonefish Grill, it was very good, actually. I don't eat very low calorie, but I do eat very healthy low carb; fish and extra veggies to replace the potato/rice. I had a very good Arctic char dish there, can't recall if it had a sauce, but I seem to recall there being one that the dish didn't need and I didn't use. I liked it so much that I keep checking their store locator for an opening near me.

        They were very accommodating of requests, so I don't think you should have trouble getting a meal you can feel good about.

        1. Most of the seafood selection for the main course comes grilled and your choice of sauce. I normally have that on the side and that will save on calories.

          1. I think at least 3-4 of the fish options come in smaller portions, even at dinnertime. I've never had any trouble swapping out sides if I didn't like them, so you can always switch out the french fries or mashed potato for one if the veggie sides if you'd like. Usually they have mixed veggies and some other veggie of the day.