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Jan 11, 2010 10:38 AM

Lounge suggestions downtown for birthday drinks on Saturday night?

I am looking for a place for birthday drinks on a Saturday night for around 10-12 people that is classier/cooler than a pub but will still allow for comfortable conversation. The Comrade on Queen East was suggested to me and the reviews I've read are promising.

Can anyone offer some other suggestions?

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  1. The Comrade is great and has some great beers. I would recommend calling in advance to see if you can book the back room. There are a few more seats and it'll accomodate 10-12 people. They have some small food platters that are nice for munchin'. Other options in that area would be: The Curzon(1192 Queen East), Rasputin Vodka Bar(780 Queen East) Swirl Wine Bar(946 1/2 Queen East)

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      Unfortunately the back room is booked. If people don't all show up at once, will I be able to hold enough room for them?

      1. re: Littlefinger

        you won't be able to sit in a circle. But, you can try securing a couple of couches if you have 3-4 people with you. Once more friends arrive, you can sit a litte closer or rotate a la musical chairs. I imagine you'd be standing/sitting around in smaller groups of 4-5 anyways. The crowd generally picks up and gets much busier from 9-ish to closing. Not sure what your timing is like? But, I'd suggest getting there prior to 8pm. If it gets too crowded or you want to switch up the mood...just slide down the street to one of the other options mentioned above.

    2. Upstairs at Grace - used to be called Bird. Very cozy room, especially if you nab the couches!