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Jan 11, 2010 10:21 AM

What's the deal with Marrakesh Restaurant in DC???

I dont get this place. It's apparently been in business for over 30 years and was highly recommended by friends to try with our gourmet group. From beginning (parking) to end (getting car back from valet) and everything in between (7 course meal, belly-dancing show) this place was the WORST!!! First, it's in a lousy area, where self-parking may mean coming back to a car thats been vandalized (so you're almost forced to valet). Next, you enter the restaurant where you're treated as if they're doing you a favor by letting you eat there. Then, you're treated to one of the most pedestrian 7 course meals ever (this is to North African food what Hogates was to seafood). In the middle of your meal, they make a big deal out of their belly-dancing show. The show is laughable; the belly dancer being some amateurish, out-of-shape embarassment. The place is apparently famous for screwing up their cash/check only bills (charging an "entertainment" fee). Lastly, you and dozens of others cue up after the meal to beg valet for the return of your vehicle (which took over 30 minutes to get). At one point, my wife had to use the restroom while we were waiting for the valet, and the person manning the door at the restaurant was reluctant to let her back in even though she showed them the receipt to our meal. For the life of me, I don't know how this place survives save for the tourists.................

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  1. Agree totally. Had my first -- and definitely only -- meal there a couple of weeks ago and thought the food was average at best and below average most of the time. We had a group gift certificate, so we didn't spend much money thank goodness.

    Taste of Morocco in Clarendon is much better in the food department and much more reasonably priced. the atmosphere is very comfortable too. They have belly dancing on Friday and Saturday evenings if that's your thing, but I haven't been there for that. While Clarendon is not necessarily easy for parking, at least you don't "have" to use valet.

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        I did not see the pic of the Stones. Fill me in.....

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          I forget if it's the Ron Woods era or Mick Taylor, but it's from that time range and they're all in their with a larger group (groupies?) sitting on the cushions.