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Jan 11, 2010 09:58 AM

Bulldog Msp - odd item

Ordered the Ceasar salad at the Bulldog in NE Minneapolis. What I got was the strangest salad I have ever seen - full, uncut chunks (2) of lettuce (as wide as the plate) with the dressing sort-of poured on the leaf and a bit on the side. Very unappealing. Seemed like the chef was both lazy and/or crazy. Is this a fluke? The burgers the party had were great - if a bit overdone. Noise in the place was loud, but expected. The servers were quite good. The salad was soo strange we just went with it and discussed later - we gave it low marks.

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  1. Maybe this is just my weird imagination, but a place named Bulldog perhaps is going to do whatever they dang well please with your salad, and you probably would be wise not to complain. But seriously, that does seem not right for a salad. Was it at least maybe some interesting type of lettuce like butter/bibb? or typical romaine? There are some strange trends in restaurant salad presentation lately, like grilled lettuce in a caesar.

    But since you say the burgers were overdone and the place was super loud as well, this isn't making me want to go there......thanks for the review.

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      jfood ordered medium rare last May and received it perfectly cokked, but everyone knows, you never know when you order a burger. Here is his review from then on the burger.

      "Hamburger. Finally, Jfood can now say he has eaten a great hamburger in Minneapolis. The meat was very flavorful, and the mix of meats must have included some brisket or skirt or hangar to add that level of depth. One of the best he has ever tasted. The cheddar is described as Smokey Cheddar on the menu, but the cheese was more a mild cheddar than smokey, and the bacon was not as smokey either. This is not a negative but merely a head’s up. The fried onions were also excellent. It was surrounded by another great bun. So Jfood placed some ketchup on the burger, cut it in half and was amazed that the kitchen actually delivered a med-rare to rare burger. What a treat. This was a great burger"

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        Faith...Bulldog is known for their beer selection, not their food. Don't write it off if you are a beer fan.

      2. Does this describe what you got?
        Caesar: Romaine leaves, crumbled egg, parmesan cheese, spicy croutons and fried anchovies.

        Or was it this?
        House: Iceburg wedges with red onion, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles and your choice of dressing.

        Both of those imply to me that I'm going to get large greenery - either leaves of romaine or parts of an iceberg head.

        1. Sounds like you were served a traditional wedge salad (steakhouse standby - usually just one giant 1/4 wedge of iceburg with onion, blue cheese and bacon...usually). If that isn't what you ordered, then I'm not sure what you got. I sometimes order the Cobb at Bulldog, but it is not a wedge.

          And as KT pointed out, traditionally, a Caesar is romaine hearts, uncut (to be eaten with your hands). I've not ordered the Caesar at Bulldog so I'm not certain how they present it.

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          1. re: Foureyes137

            I just took the description from the menu, because yes the info in the post made me think he ordered the caesar & received a wedge, which turned out to be the house salad.

            1. re: KTFoley

              From previous experience at the bulldog, they serve whole leaves of romaine - so it was probably the caesar.

              And as for the burger, like jfood said - burgers are always a crapshoot. (although more times than not, my burger at the bulldog has been cooked to my liking - although I usually go when its slower...that place does get loud. :))

              1. re: vicks

                Just got back from Bulldog in NE, roommate ordered a ceasar and a burger. The ceasar was like vicks described, whole leaves of romaine lettuce, didn't really catch me off guard.

                I'm bumping this thread because I have an issue with their burgers, but it doesn't deserve its own thread. Has anyone ever consistently received burgers cooked to their temp request there? I am a huge burger fan, and when the Bulldog delivers, they are definitely in the running for best burger in Minneapolis. But frequently, I would say 50% of the time, the burgers are cooked beyond the medium-rare that we request. Even throughout a table of 4 all ordering burgers medium-rare, some will come medium-rare, others I would honestly call well-done or beyond.

                1. re: diearzte2

                  I've noted this in several reviews. There are consistency issues, whether it be in cooking to temp (they overcook my medium request bout 25% of the time) or subbing ingredients (raw pressed garlic instead of fried garlic chips on the stilton burger, which ruins it).

                  I hate least if a place is consistently bad I know what to expect...No matter, they have great beer there and Angelo is one of the neighborhoods better bartenders.