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Jan 11, 2010 09:49 AM

Which of these would you choose? (Romantic for 2/14)

Hello all,
I was looking for a nice place to take my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I've scowered this board and have pretty much researched every romantic/intimate restaurant mentioned in any thread of the last couple years lol. I am actually from Hawaii, but have been attending college in Baltimore, so I'm not sure of what DC really has to offer.

I was looking for a nice, romantic restaurant (even though I know it will probably be crazy.) I know the term "romantic" is in the eyes of the beholder. As young college students, the most romantic place we've probably ever eaten was the Cheesecake Factory at the Inner Harbor (not very romantic. lol) Most of our dining consist of iHop, Mawaind Kabob, and various sushi spots. I would love to take her somewhere special. We're both open to pretty much whatever, with the exception of eating beef and pork and I was kinda looking to stay under ~$150 for the two of us.

Here is what I have narrowed it down too:

Little Fountain Cafe: Looks perfect. Unfortunately, no reservations available.
Cashion's Eat Place
Bistro Cacao

If anyone has any suggestions/opinions on these, it would be really helpful. I'm kinda leaning toward Bistro Cocao, but I'm open to anything. I also looked at Oya and Mendocino. Unfortunately, there are no reservations available at either of those two as well.


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  1. I haven't been to Bistro Cacao yet so I can't comment on the restaurant. But I think Cashion's or Oya are both good choices. You should of course check to make sure about special menus and stuff but at both you can sit in a cozy seat and enjoy good food for not too expensive a price tag. Oya has great seafood/sushi options with a more modern feel. At Cashion's, I've always liked their duck preparations and think it has a cozy, neighborhood romance feel.

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      According to the reviews, Bistro Cacao just opened in what used to be Two Quails. One of the things that has me leaning towards it, is that they have booths wrapped in curtains. It looks pretty romantic.

    2. I love Proof, and I do think it is romantic. I also think you could get out of there for close to $150. You can order wines by the glass in 2 oz tastings there, which creates a very affordable way to do wine pairings for each course. I posted a thread on the same topic here last week, and was convinced to try out Marcel's.

      Even though Proof is not taking Opentable reservations yet, I'd still call them ASAP as it's definitely one of those restaurants that will book fast.

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      1. My first suggestion would be Proof, I really like the lighting for Vday and the food is very good. If 701 has their piano player it might be my second choice, when they have the live music it just always is very relaxing and they have good table space so you can actually talk and have a nice evening. The food is better at Proof though.

        Zola is fun and more sexy.

        I haven't been terribly impressed with the food in the main dining room at PS7 and I haven't been to Cashions or Bistro Cacao so I can't comment on those.