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Jan 11, 2010 09:30 AM

Steakhouse reco in southern IL/St. Louis metro area

My fiance and I (who live in Chicago) will be visiting the St. Louis metro east area to take my parents out to dinner for their 50th wedding anniversary. My dad has requested a steakhouse and suggested Andria's. However, they don't take reservations on Saturday nights (for groups of less than 10) and I definitely want to be able to make a reservation.

Doesn't need to be anything super fancy (would actually prefer that it isn't)--just a nice, casual steakhouse with exceptionally good food. My parents would probably prefer something more traditional than not. And my fiance and I are foodies, so we definitely don't want to take them to a chain steakhouse.

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  1. If you want to stay on the east side, Tony's Restaurant in Alton would be a good choice. Great Pepperloin.

    Porter's Steakhouse in Collinsville might also be a choice, though it's been a long time since I've been there so I can't say how it is now. It used to be quite good, though.

    Just across the river there are several good choices. I think Mike Shannon's might best fit your "casual" description.

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      Joey's recommendations are spot on. You know if you hit Andria's right when they open, you wouldn't have a problem at all getting seated. Another one out a bit would be Valentines in Freeburg.

    2. First of all, it's ridiculous for any restaurant to refuse to make reservations at any time for such an event as a 50th anniversary celebration. Congratulations to your parents and to heck with Andria's.

      While Porter's and Andria's are good steakhouses, they aren't great, esp. for foodies. FYI - Tony's Alton is not Tony's St. Louis, and will be a disappointment.

      Tony's in Downtown STL is still among the best in Missouri, and is actually not that expensive compared to Chicago or other better restaurants. We've dined there as a couple, with two courses and a shared dessert + a glass of wine each for $100 total. They have great steak and a wide variety of well prepared Italian.

      Mike Shannon's near the Arch in Downtown is about the same price as previous steakhouse suggestions, but better overall and a better place for a 50th anniversary. This place is also great for baseball fans, but it is not a sports bar.

      Downtown is also near a much wider variety of options for better dining...including 1111 Mississippi, which has a great ribeye, is easily accessible after you cross the river from Illinois. For value plus great food, you cannot go wrong with 1111 Mississippi. It will please both your parents and you, and will leave a great taste for coming back to our fair city.

      1. Try Citizen's Kane's in Kirkwood - not fancy - in a restored Victorian house - crowded, fun and noisy -- but oh baby they know their way around a steak. Also Tucker's in Soulard.