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Jan 11, 2010 09:26 AM

Birch St Bistro

Haven't seen anything on them recently and and wanted to give them a shout out after we hit them Friday for a spur of the moment dinner. We had been going to go to Sophia's Grotto (I like them both), but one DC just had to have BsB's roast Chicken,so there we went.

It was full at 8:00, but great service by the quick, friendly (sole) bartender set us up to wait happily for our table. One drink later and table was ready.

Also friendly and professional service there. DC with roast chicken was pleased as punch with his meal. I planned to make a meal of the warmed goat cheese/grilled portabello/spinach salad and the (I had to have it) grilled duck breast w/ a fig-marscapone-walnut ravioli app. Sadly (but understandably-as it was sooo good), the kitchen was down to one last duck and other DCs wanted that duck, too. I took one for the team and shared. We all LOVED it. I have to go back for my original original meal plan and have that duck app all to myself.

On the up side, I was rewarded as another DC and I split a porterhouse steak special. I rarely get steak out as it is so easy to do at home. This one was worth it: more figs and some gorgozola garnished this perfectly MR steak, served alongside great mashed and veg.

This was a terrific meal in a great atmosphere with friendly service. Nice, inexpesive Malbec (Budini) to accomany it. We were all happy.

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  1. My wife and I (along with guests) have been several times over the years it's been open and have always enjoyed it. Nice to see it getting a mention here although, as you saw, it doesn't seem to lack for business.

    1. I tried to go on Sat. but it was jammed. I'm glad to see it getting busier but was bummed that it meant I couldn't eat some of the wonderful sounding things on their menu. We then decided to try the new Jazz Cafe. What's the deal with that place? There was gonna be a private party and we still could have been seated in a side room but it was way too loud and no one was there, I just wasn't in the mood for that. Didn't see a menu but am assuming there's a Latino vibe to it but someone will have to investigate. We ended up at the bar of Robin's (or is it Robyn's?) and had a decent super casual meal. Mine was a turkey club with real turkey carved from the breast, good bacon, a boring bulkie roll and yummy tater tots. They were just the typical frozen kind but I have a weakness for those things and they were fried well. Friend got the steak & cheese with cajun tots (I decided to forego the fake spices), both were $7.95. Total local hangout, "dj" on a computer playing every imaginable style of music, friendly bartender, but I still can't forgive them for knocking out the beveled glass and bricking it over.

      1. That sounds amazing. I've been waiting to try this please for awhile now and I think it's gone up on my list, just behind Jasmine Bistro