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Jan 11, 2010 08:32 AM

Fun Dinner Out for Girl's Night - Midtown

Looking for a fun place for dinner, for a girl's night out. We may be going to a show afterwards, so I'm looking for something in the midtown area.
Good atmosphere, good food, $20 entree price range.
Any cuisines other than Indian, Asian/Sushi.

And looking to go this Saturday night, so nothing that needs really advanced reservations.

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  1. I like Room Service in Hell's Kitchen. It's a swanky looking place with a nice bar and good drinks. I'd say it's perfect for a girl's night out on a Saturday. I don't really like the Indian restaurants in Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen and Sushi might not be the best choice for cold weather like we're having. Some spicy/hot thai food sounds awesome, right?