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Jan 11, 2010 08:04 AM

HELP!!! Catering an office party in SW for $20/person?

Hi all -
I'm desperate! I'm trying to find catering for an office party that's better than boxed lunches, but for around the same price. I need hot food delivered because I'm in a fed building with no kitchen facility. I've already tried Balduccis (delivered cold, no good, plus, too expensive), Whole Foods, Organic to Go, and Lawson's. We've got quite a few foodies in the office, so it can't be crap. The last person who tried to pass off bad pizza for an office party was practically drawn and quartered....

Any other suggestions welcomed and appreciated!

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  1. Try Toscana. They're located at 2nd and F, NE, on Capitol Hill. The owner was with Roberto Donna's Galileo. The food is wonderful. Long lines at lunch and a strong dinner business, getting terrific reviews.
    I went to a dinner party recently that they catered and it might have been the best food I've ever eaten from a chafing dish served at a catered event. Everyone was raving..
    They are willing to work with clients on pricing for events from what I understand. Nice people.

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        try cafe Xpress georgia ave. Chander Khosla or Celebrity Deli Falls Church ask for Jamie. Tell them Howard sent u.