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Jan 11, 2010 07:08 AM

Urban Belly replacement

So, I was going to go to Urban Belly today. My boyfriend is taking me out for my b-day, but is on a limited budget. Just found out they are closed today! Any quick last minute replacement ideas that are cheap but equally delicious? It doesn't have to be asian, but the place just sounded great to me for tonight. Help!

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  1. Monday is one of the days of the week that Cafe des Architectes does their "neighborhood friends" menu, 3 courses for $29. It's the best contemporary American restaurant in the city IMHO, absolutely delicious, and that menu is an incredible bargain. And the restaurant itself, in the front of the Sofitel, is beautiful.

    Sweets and Savories is another possibility. The food is very good (although I think CDA is even better). The unlikely location in a nondescript storefront on Fullerton is interesting. And they have a deal too, $29 for any three courses.

    The four KDK restaurants have a special this month, a 3-course menu for $20.10. It's a set menu, no choices (unlike the previous places), but it's a deal. These are:
    Red Light (pan-Asian) -
    Marche (French bistro) -
    Opera (Chinese) -
    Gioco (Italian) -

    And there are also the 17 restaurants participating in the "Local Tourist Restaurant Week" this week, with 3-course dinners for $35. For details see

    Of course, if you want to go ethnic, there are also all the "usual suspects" - Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, Greek restaurants in Greek Town, Thai restaurants all over the city, etc.

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      Thanks. I have done the majority of these spots before, and guess I was looking for something just as casual as Urban Belly. Actually haven't done Red Light, so that could be an option!

    2. Big Star !!

      Paul Kahan's new taco joint in Wicker Park is outstanding. It's a little bit of a scene (e.g. no reservations, open seating policy) but once you get cozy at the bar, it's incredibly affordable -- and just plain incredible. Enjoy reasonable and creative food (fresh, smooth guac, tacos al pastor, pork belly tacos, lamb tacos -- all at $2 to $3 a piece) and everything from cocktails created by Violet Hour mixologists to $1 Schlitz.

      Cash only, go early to avoid the rush. Happy birthday !

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        Ooh, not that is the sort of spot I was looking for! Sounds like an idea. My kind of place, for sure.