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Cheap Eats in Key West, FL?


I will be in Key West from May 20th to May 25th this year for my friend's destination wedding.

I would like to know where I can find some yummy foodie cheap eats in Key West? I guess I would define this as $10 (including tax and tip) or less for one entree/meal or $15 (including tax and tip) for an entree/meal that is large enough to feed two people. I love ALL types of food - just dont want to have to resort to fast food everyday.

One tip I've picked up from my internet searches is the 1/2 off of day-old pastries deal from Crossaints de France. Anything other info like this or happy hour deals on food would be useful too!

Thanks in advanced. =)

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  1. BO's Fish Wagon. Excellent grouper sandwich that won't break the bank. Also the Raw Bar has reasonable fresh seafood.

    Search the board and you'll find plenty of Key West posts.

    1. I would suggest El Siboney. Nice, local Cuban restaurant. You can get some entree's there for around $10 that could definitely feed two. I've included the website below. It has a menu with prices on it.


      900 Catherine St, Key West, FL 33040

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        I can't wait to try this restaurant - haven't seen a bad review yet!

      2. Right across from BO's is Harpoon Harry's which serves a good breakfast in your price range. If you get a chance, go up Caroline a block or so (northeast or right as you leave Harpoon's) and visit the used musical instrument place if you're into that stuff. It's pretty neat. Also, don't miss the Schooner Wharf Bar. You can get a cheap sandwich and the rock and roll at night is awesome!

        1. Try the Conch Shop on Petronia off Duval St. They have awesome conch fritters and a specialty burger called, "the nasty burger". Definitely an open your mouth wide and grab a bunch of napkins burger.

          We stumbled upon this place last time I was in Key West. It's unique place with great food that will certainly fit into your definition of cheap eats.

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            I was wondering about the Conch Shop. I saw it when I was down there, but it was never open when I happened to be in that area. I'll have to make an effort to be there when they're open next time. Is that the same place that Bizarre Foods highlighted for conch fritters on their episode in the Keys?

          2. Ok just back from KW and here are my Culinary highlights...
            1-Blue Heaven for Bkfst every day!
            2-The food in KW is not that great so dont expect culinary genious...
            3-Happy Hour M-F at The Raw Bar!! cheap cheap cheap and damn fresh!!!!
            4-Anything at The Rusty anchor on Stock Island
            5-Blonde Giraffe Key lime with Merrengue hands down best!!
            6-Sunset pier best drinks at happy Hour

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              I also thought puerto sagua was good and inexpensive. A good cuban diner food type of place that is open all the time.

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                Where is Puerto Sagua? I only see listings for Miami

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                Do you happen to know the time for happy hour at the Raw Bar? Don't see it listed on their web site

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                  Half Shell's HH is 4:30 - 6:30 daily. ALonzo's Oyster Bar has a great one too. 1/2 off apps and 2-4-1 drinks. 4 - 6:30 daily.

              3. I agree Kempshark. El Siboney is my favorite KW restaurant

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                  For a quick cuban lunch/breakfast I like to stop by Sandys Cafe. Suzie suggested it on a prior post. I had been going there with a friend for years (for him to get his frequent fix of cafe con leche) without realizing that it was Sandy's. I never knew the name of it, I just always pulled up across the street so we could run over and pick up the coffee and a quick bite. I took the wife there for some sandwiches and coffee for breakfast/lunch during our last trip.

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                    Conch Town Cafe used to have great jerk chicken. Haven't been for a18 months so who knows.

                    It's across from Blue Heaven. Used to be a tiny white house with a porch but I heard they might have expanded the building. It used to be window service and outside tables.

                2. 1stmakearoux and kempshark, what are your favorite things to order at El Siboney?

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                    Pork or chicken. I wish we hadn't started this....now I'm drooling...

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                      I love the Siboney Steak at El Siboney and with Black Beans on the side it is plenty for two. For a few other good "locals" places just up the road try Hogfish Bar & Grill (The Lobster BLT rocks!), Bobalu's Southern Cafe (Great Shrimp and Garlic Pizza!), or Geiger Key Marina (Good Burgers and a great view!).