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Jan 11, 2010 06:20 AM

Dinner for two near Westin Copley Plaza?

I'm coming to Boston in two weeks with my husband and will be staying at the Westin Copley Plaza. We are adventurous eaters although I don't care for steaks/red meat. I would greatly appreciate a recommendation for a romantic (meaning quiet, not gigantic, not touristy) restaurant in walking distance from the hotel where we can have a really good meal and good wine for $100 or less. We ate at Sorriso the last time we were in town at this board's recommendation and had a very good meal. Many thanks.

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  1. The Westin Copley Plaza is not too far from the South End. One of my favorite places for a romantic but also really delicious meal is Hammersly's Bistro. The roasted chicken is always raved about on the board but I'm also partial to the duck a la orange and their rabbit dish. They were also running a prix fixe meal for awhile in response to the economy but I'm not sure if that is still going on.

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      Thank you, VERY MUCH for your reply! That sounds perfect.

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        Hammersly's is a great idea for a romantic dinner. I used to scoff at those who ordered his roast chicken - something so basic and so easy to do at home. But it is uniquely perfect.

        Another idea, if you have time and budget for two meals, is Via Matta.

        Via Matta
        79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

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          Another post mentions Hammersly's on vacation right now - are they open?

      2. I was there in August and stayed at the Westin Copley. We discovered a couple of Barbara Lynch restaurants, and ended up going back repeatedly over the course of the weekend.
        We ate at B&G Oyster House one night, after having cocktails at the Butcher Shop across the street. Both were casual, the food was exceptional, wines were well-paired, pricing was decent, and the staff were really cool and well-trained. It seemed like a prerequisite to work there was a passion for food.
        See for more info. Both B&G Oyster House and the Butcher Shop are at the corner of a side street off Tremont. It's a short cab ride from the Westin Copley, or a decent walk. I think we walked back one night, but it was after several glasses of wine so my estimate of time (~15mins?) is probably not that reliable.

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          Wonderful and helpful replies. Thank you! I interviewed Barbara Lynch for an article in a food magazine long ago, so it would be fun for me to go to one of her restaurants. I've made reservations for Hamersley's (we'll be there in in two weeks) and appreciate the ideas thus far for the second night's dining too. I'm very excited and grateful for these suggestions.

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            Glad to be of help. Please report back on your experiences at both places!

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              Right up Huntington Avenue, near your hotel, for another choice since you'll be here a while, I like Lucca. For another take on Italian, Erbaluce is a great choice though it can exceed $100 if you go for the truffle pasta. And for a night when you might feel like excellent tapas, try Estragon. Check out Sel de la Terre for oysters and cocktails (they have 1.00 oysters most week nights between 5 and 6:30 I think). And you should be able to eat for that price point or less at La Voile, which is very pleasant French bistro-style.

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                I'd have to second Erbaluce. It is one of my favorite farm to table restaurants in the area and the food is always so inventive with a strong attention to detail.

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                  Now it's getting difficult! I was going to go with Via Matta but now I'm on the fence... very different places... but Erbaluce looks unique.

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                    Via Matta and erbaluce are my two favorite Italian restaurants in the city. I had Via' s celery root agnolotti the other night and they were insane. Erbaluce's rabbit dish (if it's on the menu) is fantastic as well. Via is a much larger operation while erbaluce is a little more on the homey side. I love both places and I've blown a lot of money at both. I think Via has a slight edge when it comes to quality of food (feels a little more refined) You'd probably spend less at erbaluce and get fed more, though. If you eat in the bar at either place, order their meatballs. Both are fantastic.

                    Via Matta
                    79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

                    69 Church Street, Boston, MA 02116

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                      I think I need more nights in Boston :-)

                      I'm set on Hamersley's one night and Erbaluce the next. I'll report back next week. Thank you all so very much for your kind recommendations!

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                        Two great meals in Boston. Hamersley's was excellent. Pan-roasted lobster was one of the best things I've ever had to eat, and the service was extraordinary--friendly, warm, gracious. Erbaluce was more of a mixed bag--mostly very good food but disinterested service. Bread seemed like it had been microwaved (a little tough). My pasta needed to be cooked a little longer and needed a little salt but other items (first courses and my mate's dinner) were very good. Thank you all--it was hard to leave the city.

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                          No surprise that you enjoyed Hamersley's, one of our most reliably excellent spots. Erbaluce is a new favorite in large part because it's so different from other top places in town. Sorry to hear about your imperfect experience there. I hope you enjoyed the walk; Boston is lovely in January. ;)