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Jan 11, 2010 05:45 AM

Light meal at Coda

Last night we dropped in at CODA and shared the iceberg bacon salad, the calamari and the mussels. These three small plates and a beer made for a great light dinner.

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  1. Thought I'd bump this thread to report on a really nice meal I had at Coda recently. Stopped in with a friend on a friday night; I had the homemade ham platter and the green salad, my friend had the pasta puttanesca. I only had a bite of the pasta but it was tasty, with nice supple pasta.
    The ham platter was excellent: thin slices of "lonza" - which I've never had under that name but seemed like a cured pork loin, "roasted ham terrine" - basically chunks of delicious and tender ham in aspic, and "spicy pork pate" - that's from the online menu description but I'd call it the world's best artisanal ham spread. Delicious. Came nicely presented on a wooden board with some grilled bread slices, a smear of grainy mustard and stacks of pickled beets, carrots, and cukes alongside.
    The salad was also excellent - just lightly dressed boston lettuce with some supreme'd orange segments and olives, but made with care and respect for the products. (It warms my heart when a restaurant pays as much attention to their basic salad as they do to their charcuterie and such.) I got a very good vibe here - a sense that the kitchen cares about every plate that goes out.
    We also had a very warm welcome and friendly, informed service. The waitress told me that the chef regularly butchers a whole pig and does his own curing, which happily is getting more common these days but is especially welcome at a place with such reasonable prices. If this were in my neighborhood I'd go all the time, but in any case I'll definitely go back.

    329 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116

    1. Coda is my go to spot if I'm in the area and want a casual meal that's both high quality and reasonably priced. Their burgers are fantastic and their beer list is thoughtful and interesting. The staff is decent and the the atmosphere is dark, modern, and comfortable.