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Jan 11, 2010 05:45 AM

Restaurnat near Bourbon and Branch


My husband and I used to live in San Francisco. We are returning to visit some friends. Both couples now have kids. But we are lucky enough to have a sitter for one night.

So, we are going out for a big night out, sans kids. We already have reservations at Bourbon and Branch at 6:30 and I'm looking for a great dinner nearby for four people who don't get out very often. We lived in San Francisco until 2002, so we have done most of the nicer restaurants that were on the scene prior to that.

Expensive is ok, but mostly looking for a great meal, something you might not be able to get in New York. Quieter vs. Noisy.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. link:

    Bourbon & Branch
    501 Jones St, San Francisco, CA

    1. The area with walking distance doesn't give anything that's an obvious good fit. Maybe fish and farm, although I haven't been. Go ahead, give yourself a short taxi ride and you're near most places mentioned here with any regularity.

      1. If you're familiar with the area surrounding B&B you know that it's a dodgy part of town. Probably best to focus your restaurant search east toward Union Square or north to Nob Hill. How about the Big Four on Nob Hill? It's quiet, something for which you indicated a preference.


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          union square is a only a 3 block walk, but i would head over to mint plaza and try chez papa resto or 54 mint when you leave b&b just walk down oferrell to powell and then right a couple of blocks cross market and its opposite nordstom valet parking

        2. If you have time to snag a reservation from Canteen, it's very close by. Most other places around there is borderline divey, though you did not specify that casual is not okay. If "great dinner" doesn't necessarily mean fancy digs for you, a lot of choices open up.

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          1. If casual but not divey Thai is an option, Lers Ros is only 2.5 blocks away and is almost certainly better than any Thai available in NYC.