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Jan 11, 2010 05:39 AM

Shallots -- where to find them cheap in NoVa?

Where can I find shallots cheap in Northern Virginia?

Where can I find them peeled in a jar, as mentioned by Chef Michael Psilakis on Sara Moulton's show, used to make confit?


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  1. No clue on peeling shallots in a jar (seems like it would be easy to do by yourself) but I almost always buy mine from H Mart at about $1.69/lb.

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    1. re: reiflame

      thanks, reiflame.

      shallots have always been a PITA to peel for me. i love their subtle sweetness, though. i was first turned on to shallots in a lovely salmon dish in nyc's grand central station oyster bar & restaurant. this a.m. on createtv, julia and jacques were doing shellfish, and they used shallots in virtually every dish. gosh, they made me hungry! ;-).

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        I love shallots ... they're great in so many dishes! I was going to suggest Super H Mart. You can get them at a decent price in Giant and Safeway, but usually they look pretty sad there. WF usually has lovely shallots, though at a higher price.

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          wow I love the Oyster Bar in GCS. but seriously, just mash the fresh ones with the side of a butcher knife ala garlic, skin pops right off.

      2. These aren't peeled in a jar, but the Thai section of your local Asian supermarket (Grandmart Sterling and Lotte Chantilly both have them) has fried shallots in a jar at unbelievable prices. They may be marked as fried red onions. I have become a big fan of these. They're easy to use and work in a lot of dishes.

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          hmmm, that's intriguing. i'll have a look.

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            I second the fried shallots. They are totally addictive. (like French's fried onions but better)

            You can also try freeze dried shallots from Penzy's Spices--stores in Rockville and Falls Church. They are not as good as fresh but works very well when I don't feel like peeling and chopping.

          2. Are you sure he was making his own confit and not buying ready-made shallots confit like this:


            Because I've found the above confit previously at Whole Foods. It's great stuff, but I'd rather just caramelize my own shallots/onions and freeze that in a jar myself for later use...