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Jan 11, 2010 05:29 AM

Something comparable to Bianca's experience, prices, atmosphere?


I love Bianca on Bleecker, the atmosphere, the food, the fact that you can get two entrees, an appetizer, and a glass of wine for under 50 bucks!!! Any other suggestions for a place like this? Italian would be preferable but any suggestion is appreciated!

Thank you


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  1. We love it as well. I assume you only want Manhattan? Otherwise, you can go to the owner's place in Williamsburg, Fiore, which has a different menu and is almost as good. Or Bar Toto in Park Slope, another low cost favorite of ours for pasta, etc. At any rate, in Manhattan, I dont know of other Italian places that are comparable (L'il Frankies, etc arent as good, in my opinion), but can think of other experience, price and atmosphere comparables of other ethnic cuisines: Dhaba (Lex in the 20s), Cafe Katja (LES) & Congee Bowery.

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      While the food at Dhaba is quite good, I think the food at Bhatti is even better.

      Dhaba Photos:

      Bhatti Photos:

      1. Definitely try Da Andrea (13th st btwn 5/6 ave) and Via Della Pace (48 E 7th st). I live very close to Bianca's and love it as well!