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Jan 11, 2010 04:49 AM

Meat skewers on the quick? Going carb-less this week.

Hello. I need a carb-less week of lunches and often enjoy those little sticks of meat you get from street fairs and the like.
Any ideas on where to get a quick and easy lunch like that, preferably below 14th?

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  1. A lot of the hot dog carts have the little grill setup for the chicken/beef skewers. The only annoying thing is the pricing and the degree of doneness. I get quoted prices between 3-5 bucks. The skewers are mostly either raw or way overcooked when I walk by so that usually means a 10 minute wait for the raw stuff to get cooked.

    1. Most of the rotisserie or grilled chicken places sell meat skewers, plus the chicken itself would work for a carb-less lunch. My go-to place is Senor Pollo on 1st ave around 12th st. Sort of like a poor man's Pio Pio.

      1. I like the beef and chicken gizzard skewers from the vendor on Canal between Mott and Mulberry (north side of the street).

        1. It's funny. I have an office in Maplewood, NJ and there are several Brazilian grills to get things like this with a side of veggies for under $10. Some are really great.
          Thanks for the recs.