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Jan 10, 2010 11:51 PM

must eat

i will be traveling to England from the U.S. in about a week and was wondering if there were any restaurants that are a must? Im mostly going to be near London, but i will travel for truly amazing food. All suggestions are welcome regardless of price or Distance. Please help me make my tummy happy!

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  1. This question is as if someone was going to New York State and asking where can I get great things to eat. It would help here if you say where in England, besides London you will be and what budget and kind of food you most enjoy. Do you really want to travel 400 miles from London to find a great restaurant? if so, just let us know.

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      well i might be willing to travel 400 miles from london, for truly amazing food. i understand that my request was super vague, but that is only because i have no idea where i am going to be, or where other places are in relation to london. i was hoping for any kind of suggestions from ridiculous to sensible and whittle my options down from that.

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        Ok then....Let's start with a couple of European places in London. I like The Greenhouse, which is pretty central:

        This is on the edges of Fine Dining. The very top places can be rather hushed, and The Greenhouse always seems a little more jolly.

        20 or so minutes and about £25 in a cab from central will get you to another good place, Chez Bruce:

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      1. I'd check out this list as a very good starting point for London, and then Jase's report on his return. Also search on here for the Sportsmans Arms in Seasalter as that would be a nice trip outside London for you and you could see some of the coast. The Fat Duck in Bray is also obviously very well known - but £150 I think for the tasting menu.

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          A good alternative is Blumenthal's pub, The Hinds Head next door to the Duck. The food is very good and it makes a nice daytrip from London... close to Windsor and Eton, too.