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Where to get hot pepper hoagie relish in L.A.?

I've tried to find it for years...
Finally, they had it at Ralph's in Sherman Oaks this past summer, but not any more!!! Argh!!
It's like this stuff:
I had forgotten about this ambrosia until, several years ago, I walked into the Cousin's Subs at Burbank and Van Nuys (gone now). It was one of the condiments that you had to put on yourself.
Back in NorthCentral PA, they always asked, "oil and peppers?" This relish was what they were talking about when they said 'peppers'.
Any ideas where to get it out here?

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  1. Bay Cities definitely has a hot pepper relish option on their hoagies, so I imagine they could package it to go. Also, the Tony Packo's stuff from Toledo is at Artisan Cheese in Studio City.

    1. That kind of relish is THE best spread on sandwiches. I too was weaned on it on the east coast. Yep, Bay Cities for sure, it's my go-to spot for the stuff, have a jar of it in the pantry in fact. Not that brand (never tried it, looks good), but "Cento". This: http://www.fineproductsinternational....

      1. Yeppers, those are ther peppers. I get them at A-1 Italian groceries in San Pedro.

        1. The Monte Carlo market in Burbank also carries it.

          Monte Carlo Delicatessen & Restaurant
          3103 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

          1. Don't know if you are looking for a place to get a sandwich with it on, or buy a jar of your own. Lee's Hoagie House, which is from the east coast, in Pasadena, has it as an option on their sandwich - it is particularly good on their original chicken hoagie.

            Lee's Hoagie House
            2269 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

            1. They serve it in a cheesecake shop called Phillie's Best and it is available (at least some of the time) in jars for sale there.

              I am not even fromphildelphia and I have to say this stuff is very addictive . . .

              1. Ralph's Sherman Oaks or Italia Deli Agoura Hills. Basically, it's hot cherry peppers diced in olive oil. They also have it a Luigi Otega's in Pasadena at their salsa bar.

                1. I am looking for a jar (or several jars!).
                  I'll check out Monte Carlo.
                  The stuff I got at Ralphs was indeed the 'Cento' brand, and it was the real deal... great tasting.
                  Thanks for the responses.

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                    Ralphs Encino, in the same center as Barnes/Noble, just saw it

                    1. re: orythedog

                      orythedog, where in Ralphs Encino did you see the pepper relish?

                      I went to Ralphs Encino yesterday and I could not find it, neither could the store manager.

                  2. I know you were preferably looking for LA but here in OC I can confirm they stock the jars at Lucci's Deli in Huntington Beach - and I can't be without it in my house. It's not a sub without it!

                    1. I just got back from Monte Carlo in Burbank, two jars of Cento in hand. I am happy.
                      Orythedog, thanks for the Ralphs Encino heads up...
                      BTW... anyone know where to get really good Hoagie rolls?
                      I thank you all... the site saved me!

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                        Happy to have been of service!

                        I can't speak to their authentic hoagieness, but doesn't Monte Carlo have sandwich rolls?

                        1. re: maxzook

                          Yes, they have some sandwich rolls/breads, but not what I'm really looking for (BTW, the older guy I talked to there {the owner?} was very friendly).
                          MAXZOOK, thank you. You hooked me up. It is very appreciated.


                        2. re: Crumbs83

                          Crumbs83, do you remember the price (12 oz jar?) at Monte Carlo?

                        3. Good hoagie rolls can be found at:


                          5657 Kanan Road
                          Agoura hills, CA 91301
                          (818) 991-4838

                          1. Angelo's Deli and Market on Main St. in Seal Beach has 12oz jars of Cento diced hot cherry peppers. Says Hoagie spread on label. Good stuff

                            1. Thanks for the link to Wickles, ordered & just got my two jars yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out this weekend. Wasn't too expensive either, around $14 for two jars , shipped.

                              1. Bought a bottle of diced hot cherry peppers at the 99 cent store. They were in a slim bottle, only vinegar added; I used it on my - ugh - at home, turkey burger, and it was delish.

                                Maybe I'll buy another, drain some of the vinegar and add oil.

                                1. Also found the hot pepper relish, hoagie spread at Marios Deli in Glendale. $3.25/jar.