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Jan 10, 2010 06:01 PM


I am watching Iron Chef America and the challenger made "fig marmalata." I have never heard of marmalata, but I assume it is a version of marmalade. Unfortunately, it was not one of the dishes that got good coverage on the show, so I don't know what ingredients went into it--but the finished product looked great and now I want to make it!

After googling my fingers to the bone, I am tired of being told I must mean marmalade even though several restaurant reviews mention this "marmalata" concoction, so I know it exists!

If you know what it is and/or have a recipe, please pass it my way!

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  1. Marmallata (double-L) is the Italian word for marmalade, and jam in general, if that helps...

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      It's actually marmEllata with an e. Marmellata di fichi is fig marmalade. Here is one recipe (I've never made this):

    2. Not a good time to do fig marmellat, you have to wait August.