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"date night" healthy dishes

So thank you all so much for helping me come up with ideas for all of my fun nutrition assignments this year (finally, we get to cook and not just draw organic chemistry molecules!!).
For my next assignment, I need some recipes (a complete menu) that is romantic, healthy, and most importantly LOOKS/TASTES restaurant quality.. but is not TOO difficult to make. I'm targeting young newlywed couples for a romantic meal that is "restaurant quality".
Another specification, I can easily "healthify" the main/side dishes/app, but the dessert is trickier. I need a beautifully presented dessert that fits with the theme of the rest of the meal but is not too high on sugar/fat. I'd prefer to not do a sorbet.. unless it can be seriously dressed up, sorbet/ice cream is always the cop out dessert IMO.
Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Two mains I really like: beef in a red wine/garlic marinade and a whole roast chicken. Both are simple to make and can be relatively healthy.

    1. Healthy low cal Dessert ideas:

      Grilled Nectarine Sundaes

      Brownies, add small portion of low-cal vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, drizzle with sugar free/fat free chocolate syrup, and sprinkle with almonds or walnuts.

      Peanut Butter Caramel Apples

      1. For dessert you should do crunchy meringue nests with fruit in them. You could paint the meringue nests with melted dark chocolate. Like tarts, but with no butter!

        1. The Rebar Modern Food Cookbook might have some good ideas for dessert. "Chocolate Mousse Blackout with Cashews, Ginger and Silken Tofu" is described as an "extravagent vegan and wheat-free dessert... dense and creamy cake... without all the heavy calories". I found a copy of the recipe online here http://www.nancycrites.com/recipe.html

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            hm thats a pretty good looking recipe. Im going to keep that one, thanks

          2. A classic, delicious dessert: pears poached in red wine. Mmm, and extremely easy.


            1. I don't know what the requirements are for healthy, but this Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse is very good. (It does contain raw eggs, so that could be a problem. The recipe can also be baked as a cake.)

              1. Seafood Chowder

                Cioppino/Bouillabaise - easy to low fatify

                Crab Cakes

                Chicken Marsala

                for dessert:
                Crepes with Lemon Curd and Sliced Strawberries
                Lemon Cake http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/fo...
                Strawberry Shortcakes
                Chocolate Souffles

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                  mm lovely recipes, I was thinking about a cioppino. What would you serve that with?

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                    an artichoke and hearts of palm salad to start
                    broccoli rabe with lemon and garlic on the side
                    some crusty bread to sop up the broth

                2. Is dark chocolate allowed? I'm not sure it is reataurant worthy, but I like slices of juicey orange offered on a plate with dark chocolate, the whole thing spinkled lightly with cinnamon.

                  We have really enjoyed the "Gourmet Nutrition" recipes http://www.gourmetnutrition.com/ Berardi's recipe for almond crusted scallops is one of our favorites, but it is in his older cookbook.

                  1. Dessert idea-- how about a beautifully roasted pear (sliced, fanned out, or halves?) with one of the many wonderful kinds of light nut cookies. I'm GF and see lots of Italian type egg and nut based cookies that are gorgeous and light.

                    1. In the summertime, an easy, healthy menu I've done in the past is a starter of gazpacho (I'm very partial to Tyler Florence's Watermelon Gazpacho or Mark Bittman's basic red gazpacho), grilled salmon with a side of asparagus, and chocolate dipped strawberries.

                      1. fondue. serve with LOTS of veggies that they can cook with the meat in the broth. This makes for a long and slow meal.