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Jan 10, 2010 04:51 PM

Need Recommendation for Business Dinner in the Uptown Area - Near Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa

I am hosting a dinner for two individuals that work for my company. Staying at the Stoneleigh Hotel on Maple in the Uptown area.

I need a great restaurant recommendation within walking distance of the hotel, if possible. Not concerned too much about expense and open to a variety of food types. Last time I met these two individuals was in Chicago and we dined at the famed Gibson's Steak House, prior to that it was at Chicago's Shaw's Crab House. We are all either in our young 40's or mid-50's.

Anyway, open to suggestions/recommendations if folks have them.

As always, thanks!

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  1. Obviously Bolla inside the Stoneleigh. Nick and Sam's across the street would be a great choice, although it can be loud. Otherwise it's not very walkable in the immediate vicinity (although I did see pedicabs in the area this weekend). Very close by would be Capital Grill and Nobu at the Crescent, Fearing's at the Ritz and Ocean Prime, the new seafood restaurant, on the corner of Pearl and Cedar Springs.

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      Thanks Sike, a great reply....I think we're going to head to Nick and Sam's based on your note.

      Really appreciate it.